Kosmiche musik (and related genres)


You know, the electronic end of krautrock. Love it. Also anything in a similar vein, so that Cosmic Machine compilation of French avante-garde synth stuff.

Came across this the other day (it is on Spotify): https://kosmischerlaufer.bandcamp.com/album/volume-one, absolutely lovely stuff, all three volumes.

Big big fan of The Synthesist by Harald Grosskopf.

Talk, folks!

Where to start with Krautrock?

Don’t know much about the genre but I assume I’ll love it so I’m going to listen to all three volumes of that series today!


That Manuel Göttsching album has been reissued recently, E2 -E4. I think I prefer Inventions for Electric Guitar.

I dunno


Yah I know shit all about this stuff. The Cluster reviews on P4K piqued my interest though so in gonna dig in there over the autumn I think.


The two volumes of Deutsche Elektronische Musik are a good sampler selection…




I’m only familiar with that Cluster + Eno record, which I love.


Loved what I heard of Cluster when I did listen to them actually. Have heard Göttsching’s ‘E2-E4’ loads of times, relly enjoy that.

In the house we have LPs by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler so I might get cracking on those later.


those are pretty much the classics of the genre. definitely you ought to listen to them.


Not really sure what is kosmiche and what is krautrock or if it matters but am a big fan of cluster, Faust, harmonia. Really like Neu 2 & about half of Neu 75 but hate their s/t album.


We’ve got ‘Phaedra’, ‘Dune’, ‘Wasser Im Wind’ and ‘Rot’ respectively. Think I chucked on ‘Dune’ once and enjoyed it so will check out the rest.


Phaedra’s incredible. not sure if I’ve heard Dune or Wasser im Wind. Rot is also great. Schnitzler is generally quite abrasive from what I’ve heard by him.


Nice one. Will chuck on ‘Phaedra’ first so!


Thanks for asking. The way it now looks to me is: while the UK was producing pompous, so-called progressive music throughout the seventies, over in Germany (and France, as it happens), musicians were producing extraordinary, avant-garde work to very little acclaim in their own countries, never mind over here. Some honourable exceptions, of course (Eno!) but pretty much anything by Schnitzler, Cluster, Harmonia, early Tangerine Dream knocks spots off your ELP or Yes (unfair comparisons, I know, but for effect …). I recommend investigating French prog, too - my current favourite is Pole by Besombes-Rizet from 1975. Genius at work.


Great song- collaboration between Eno & Cluster


There’s two albums! They’re both great.


Lovely album


there’s also a harmonia and eno album which is ok


I read that and thought “so there is, I think I’ve heard it a while back when I bought the Eno/Cluster albums, but can’t remember anything about it”. Looked it up on youtube, and yeah it’s kind of generic, but I’m enjoying it so far. Nice to listen to while working.


this is my favourite Cluster album. really beautiful. ‘Zum Wohl’ especially


make sure you give Rubycon a listen after that , imo the best album they did.