Kraftwerk UK tour



No kidding. If I miss out on Bristol tickets I will be unhappy.

This is one of those rare occasions where I’ll be horrified when I see the price… but will still cough up. In fact the only other time I did that was for Kate Bush.

NB. Perfect timing for Glastonbury.

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I want to go but suspect the cost might be a bit rich for me, £50 +?

Tate was £60 so would say so, yes.

I’m keen to go to this but the odds are that I won’t

bloody hell. I’ve seen them twice. I would urge you to pull out all the stops in your bid to get tickets people !

Caught them at sonar a few years back, they were excellent

Gonna need some luck getting tickets but will be totally worth it. Some excellent venues on there.

Seen them do the 3D business twice now (Flow and in Copenhagen) and was amazing both times.

£49 for Belfast. expensive but not as expensive as I was expecting. i’m in.

actually it’s from £49 so that’s going to be the really shit seats isn’t it?

Surely a shoe-in for Primavera, as well.

According to the Belfast venue website Tix are:
£80, £60, £49

Sadly suspect London we’ll be more

It seems unlikely, given that they’re playing Dublin on the Friday

I don’t think it would be impossible to play in Barcelona one night and Dublin the next.

no, it wouldn’t, but it would be a slog for the crew, especially given how late Primavera would generally is.

something about german efficiency

Get your shit together, Gateshead. Don’t you have a fucking hall they can play in?

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Bristol says £48.38 - £80.63 incl. booking fee

I couldn’t see fees on the Colston Hall website, where did you see this ?