(For my shame) I read about him on Pitchfork’s ‘Rising’ feature as being someone to watch this year. Thought I’d listen because they got me with the headline ‘noise rock for anxious people’. His record ‘End Tomorrow’ is really very good - mixes a bunch of influences and sounds like a confluence of No Age, Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon, and Dan Friel.

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I just stumbled across him on Pitchfork also - I’m halfway through my first listen of End Tomorrow and I’m really liking it so far. I’m sure this comparison is going to fall apart with more listens, but the first thing that’s jumping to mind at many parts is an aggressive, shoegaze version of early Youth Lagoon. I love the combination of the pounding drums and sad melodies.

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I’d almost entirely forgotten about this record already :sweat_smile: - things move too fast nowadays.
It was a belter though - I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

quite into his new album