Kriss Kross Amsterdam

So I kept seeing Kriss Kross on posters for festivals around the Netherlands and my brain would go “woah, do you reckon it’s really them? I wonder if they still play Jump Jump!”.

Eventually I saw it enough times that I needed to know, was this the same Kriss Kross I knew as a youth? I googled it and it turned out that no, this is indeed a trio of producers inspired by Kriss Kross so named themselves Kriss Kross Amsterdam.

That is such a fucking stupid reason for a band name that now these posters just fill me with impotent rage.

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Isn’t one of Kriss Kross dead?


The London Suede
The Charlatans UK

Yep. I fact checked this last week during a work chat about wearing your clothes backwards.

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Is it Daddy Mac or Mac Daddy?
Genuinely no I idea how I remembered their names tbh.

Mac Daddy it seems.

Like when the Chemical Brothers called themselves the Dust Brothers in tribute to the Dust Brothers.


Listen to

yesterday. Totally wrecking my Last FM scrobbles since my move across the pond. Stupidly annoyed by it. Internet rage!

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for no reason! Just checked Last FM and The London Suede scrobbles as Suede.

Who knew! My mind is blown!.

Packing up the “Internet RAGE” and putting it away for another day.

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In retrospect it’s really hard to understand why they thought that would end any other way than it did.

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