Krist Novoselic is a piece of shit, then

thought it was just about Ardal O’Hanlon being a superhero and stuff?


That was the theme tune of that show right

Also come back Kallgeese I feel awful about earlier :disappointed:

  • I would immediately recognise Kim Gordon is she knocked on my door
  • “I don’t want to buy any cleaning products, thank you”

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Might be a whole thread in this. Reckon since the rise in streaming there are tonnes of bands I’ve listened to a fair bit yet I have very little idea what the individual members look like


He’s no Dave Grolsch, that’s for sure!


Dave Grohl is spinning in his grave


Interesting because that’s the concept of Video Killed the Radio Star and the sort of reluctance and issues around MTV originally, isn’t it? That labels had artists who they could sell without needing to worry if they didn’t really have any charisma. And here we are back to that almost.

Be honest

  • Until about yesterday I thought he was called “Kris” because I am cool.
  • I’m a smart arse and always read his name properly and I’m a weenie and my bum smells .

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Kur Cobain was my favourite anyway.


As the last thing I’d expect would be a member of a band knocking on my door canvassing I think I’d be more like “wow, no doubt you get this all the time but you really look a lot like Kim Gordon!”


Ol’ Pa’ Smear


Come on down to the store
You can buy some more more more more

of our fabulous range of brushes and mops and specialist chemicals

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Would definitely recognise her voice even if I hadn’t clicked it was her visually

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Yeah it’s probably not about streaming so much, more that I just don’t read much music press any more, like interviews and features, and since I don’t buy CDs I’m not really looking at artwork or images of the band like I used to, so there are plenty of bands who I’ve got into from DiS by just typing their name into Spotify, but I’ve literally never seen the band.


Assuming she was canvasing in her local neighbourhood I imagine she’s a pretty recognisable person even if the SY albums don’t have a big photo of her face on the cover. She’s very active in the broader arts scene so she’s going to be generally well known.


I met Kim, Thurston and Lee when they did Daydream Nation in full at the Roundhouse because I was staying in the same nearby holiday inn as them. I had a chat with Lee (who was lovely) in the lobby after the show, Kim and Thurston I happened to be sat next to at breakfast the morning after and they barely said a word to each other. For some reason I distinctly remember Kim only having sausages on her plate and Thurston was eating grapefruit or melon or something but neither of them really ate much as they were both just drinking coffee and reading and not really paying attention to each other or anything else. I said a quick hello when I got up to leave and they were pleasant enough but the awkward tension was palpable even then.


Can’t believe you didn’t meet Steve. Gotta Catch 'Em All!


I probably did but didn’t recognise him


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