Kurt Vile 2022

New LP Bottle It In drops on 12 October.

New track Bassackwards is fantastic. Just locks into a great KV groove…

Also if you missed it then Loading Zone is great as well…

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he’s just re-writing the same couple of songs at this stage eh? that said i really like the new song, wasn’t into “loading zones” at all

Bassackwards is fantastic. Pretty much exactly what I want from a Kurt Vile song. I get the same song critiscim, but personally doesn’t bother me.

Had a whole new appreciation for him over the last few years following his Best Show podcast appearances. You would never really guess it, but he is a really funny, outgoing guy. Not your typical mumbling monotone musician.

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I think his songs give the impression of a guy with a good sense of humour…

Didn’t realise this wasn’t officially announced yet, its been on rateyourmusic a few weeks now (indie points please)

He’s definitely a GBOL. His Kids Interview Bands interview is great:

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Quite enjoyed this. Few new tracks previewed.


killer album maaaan - way to be Kurt!


Reckon Kurt Vile might pop up in this one at some point.


Mary Lattimore’s harp work on the title track is absolutely lush :heart_eyes:

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I am enjoying this album m8s

Yeahhhh like all of his past releases since Smoke Ring, I’m fully in love with this mumble-ly odyssey. He’s just one of those go to artists that I can stick on any one of their records at any time / in any mood and just flat out enjoy it, no matter what. He’s just so goddamn consistent!


There’s some good stuff on here, but I just feel an hour and 20 minutes is just way too much Kurt Vile in one sitting for me…

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Think that although it’s all fairly chilled out; there’s enough vary from song to song that it should occupy your attention for that duration…

the deep down version of b’lieve was about the same length as this new one. Maybe even longer. I think he’s best when sprawling.

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yeah that;'s my view, it is long, and you can argue for some tracks being dropped, but the way it moves throughout and just goes for it is pretty awesome.

Yeah like how could you argue that songs like Walkin’ in a Pretty Daze or Bottle It In could be shorter?! Totally hypnotic!

Meant to say that I personally couldn’t imagine / wouldn’t want songs like Walkin’ or Bottle to be any shorter… The above sounds a tad aggressive.

Quite funny getting aggy about how long a mellow psych folk rock jam should be


Got 8 songs in earlier. It was good and i didn’t notice too much of the length of the long ones. I do find he repeats things a bit much though. Then again, i like TWoD when they go off on one, so i’m sure it’s a getting into it thing. As a fuzz lover, it was nice to hear slightly cleaner psychy noises instead of straight up fuzz riffs.