Kurt Vile - Bottle It In


New LP Bottle It In drops on 12 October.

New track Bassackwards is fantastic. Just locks into a great KV groove…

Also if you missed it then Loading Zone is great as well…


he’s just re-writing the same couple of songs at this stage eh? that said i really like the new song, wasn’t into “loading zones” at all


Bassackwards is fantastic. Pretty much exactly what I want from a Kurt Vile song. I get the same song critiscim, but personally doesn’t bother me.

Had a whole new appreciation for him over the last few years following his Best Show podcast appearances. You would never really guess it, but he is a really funny, outgoing guy. Not your typical mumbling monotone musician.


I think his songs give the impression of a guy with a good sense of humour…

Didn’t realise this wasn’t officially announced yet, its been on rateyourmusic a few weeks now (indie points please)


He’s definitely a GBOL. His Kids Interview Bands interview is great: