What to do, what not to do?

There was a very successful thread on the same subject about two years ago in which roastthemonaspit got about zero useful replies, so if I get one, that’ll be an improvement.

I’ve heard the chicken’s good.



I’ve honestly got 2x tesco chicken kievs in the oven right now. I am a bit ashamed about this, please don’t tell my ethical mates.


give me something good to do in kiev and I promise that I probably won’t tell them

I’m writing about Arsenal Kyiv FC right now.

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next week, a thread on iceland!

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i dunno maybe there’s a statue of Lenin or something.

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given that this is the most useful advice so far, you’re off the hook

If you’d like me to move on from food references, we can try cameras?

Kievin Bacon

probably going to buy the lonely planet book

This isn’t helpful but I went to Lviv about 8 years ago and enjoyed that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The Chernobyl museum is really good, though it’s quite tough going.

Kieven Bridges

It’s meant to be really fun.
That’s probably why you’re going actually

I’m hearing a lot of good things about it so far

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Garlic butter OG Kievs are the one

Ham and cheese keivs are an abomination

Poor transport links?

@nestor might be able to help, especially if you call it Kyiv.


Hello! I missed my flight out and had to pay £300 for a new one do not do that.

The day trip to Chernobyl is a must, one of the most eerie and fascinating places I’ve ever visited. I felt weird about it being a tourist attraction but it has been left in a near-identical state and there’s no shiny glossy signs or anything pointing where to go (you have to go with a guide, anyway) so felt somewhat respectful.

I took some crap photos here

I was there for Eurovision so a lot of my time was taken up with that but go to the miniature village, mooch about all the old pubs (drinking and eating is dirt cheap). They have Uber and its about £1.50 a ride although the metro is amazing and has some of the biggest escalators in Europe FACT FANS


I will see if I can find the list of bars I went to, there’s an amazing (mainly gay but being Ukraine its fairly mixed) club called LIFT which was comically difficult to find and had to walk through a car park and then go up an elevator with a burly security guard (for obvious reasons, LGBT venues aren’t exactly signposted in Kyiv) but once you’re there it is great. Stayed there till about 7am IIRC.

I would love to go back.