Kylie Minogue


Doing intimate shows around the uk including Gorilla (!) In Manchester


I only like a few of her songs but the ones that are good are very good.
Haha she’s also announced a small show at the Berghain. Wonderful.


she reminds me of avid merrion




She is OK, but my friend has a weird sexual fantasy about her which is offputting


I didn’t need to know that but thanks


must mean she is a bad pop artist, sorry guys, shut the thread down


Last few albums haven’t been anything special but usually good for an excellent song or two every couple of years.

Impossible Princess is one of my all time favourites albums. Was bitterly disappointed she didn’t come to my city during the intimate and Live tour. Can’t see her bringing a small show to my neck of the woods this time around either ):


Name a Hookworms song as iconic as this. I’ll wait.