my main man 29 has got me all excited with his chat about bacon sandwiches

what’s your plan?

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the automatic case formatting of thread titles on this website has got me feeling down

just finished a MASSIVE salad. took a full 25 minutes to eat it.

also got a banana and will get a cake at ~3pm


L-L-L-L-L-Lunch, turn and face the strange, L-L-L-Lunch.

Eating mine now -

M&S butternut squash and tabbouleh wrap - 7/10, needs more of the citrussy sumac dressing but pretty great as a vegan sandwich alternative

M&S prawn cocktail crisps

Big soft cinnamon pretzel from Auntie Annies

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want a bacon sandwich.

one of those few things that’s never as good as you make them at home though

it was silly: coleslaw, leaves, pumpkin in some greek yogurt with balsamic onions (incred), shredded carrot, potato salad, chezza toms, peppers in pesto, quinoa with beetroot and goat’s cheese, avocado with pinto beans, cucumber in some kind of cider vinegar, broccoli roasted in chilli, butter beans in salsa and then some red pepper sauce on the side :ok_hand:

sorry @ericthefourth

that sounds like about four different salads and i would eat every single one of them

Slates @ericthefourth

I’ve already had my lunch, I had houmous in a sandwich :scream:

Cucumber and cheese made an appearance too. ALSO mint aero for afters :sunglasses:

Just finished a bag of Eric the Elephants from Saino’s.

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i always say “a bit of everything” and I don’t even care what any of it is any more, it’s all delicious

Just inhaled a Texas long burger and chips at burger king. Decent but the kids running riot in the place bothered me.

Tezzers meal deal.

Chicken Ceaser wrap, millionaire shortbread, fudge brownie Fridj. An incredibly unhealthy £3.

Standard lunch for when I cba thinking about what I might want for lunch today:

Salami + Cream cheese bagel
Bag of mini cheddars
Kit kat.

Probably get some salad or a bit of salmon to go with it off the salad counter in the canteen.

I’ve got three rashers left, come round! (Fleet)

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beanz and sausages
when did they start calling them beanz? its so cool

yeah can’t be doing with that. absolute deal breaker imo

:thinking: dunno about this.