Finally fuxed with a poke bowl and I must say it was delicious. Huli salmon.

Flashing a bit of keyboard for epimer and the prof


Los Competoirs Hallomi and Lamb burger w can of diet coke. :+1:

Massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple and soya chunks, carrot and homemade kimchi pickle, flash steamed kale, organic short grain brown rice, organic omega seed sprinkle, grilled halloumi and a splash of sriracha


Mi goreng instant noodles and a coke zero

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Is this from Polu Poke?
I also had poke bowl.

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You certainly know your poke!

Boiled egg, green beans, potato salad.

Veggie canteen option was mac & cheese and the only baked potato topping was… cheese, so I had to make do.

I’m hungry.

Lunch was two hours ago, as if I can even remember at his point

I know this probably isn’t helpful but would you consider buying some low-cost tinned options to customise a plain Award Winning East Anglican Potato?

Like a small tin of tuna or something?

keith I’m a vegetarian now


i cant believe he’s done this


To be fair, if Epimer had told us all then he wouldn’t have made the mistake.


Absolute school child error from me there.

Can you get canned eggs?


Some superb desk noodles

You don’t do the raw fish?
I had the salmon and tuna mix :drooling_face:

I needed hot food today (reason: hangover) but prob try the spicy tuna soon.

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I get the mix, brown rice, carrot, edamame, pineapple/mango, raddish and crispy onions with sriacha mayo

Ngl i’m pretty wary of the pineapple/mango

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why? It’s so nice with sriacha on