L U N C H Thread

Here you go @japes

I had steak part 2 and mushroom sauce. It was good but I cooked it more rare than medium rare

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What are you all having / digesting?

Had chilli. Guts are already making ominous noises.

My home made Chilli sin carne.
It’s very good :grinning:


real hungry.

have this pot of veg thing that’s like a rival to those bol pots that i was looking forward to but the work microwave is knackered so i can’t heat it.

might go for a baked potato instead.

Had a roll with Brie, salad and humous, banana popcorn and a pear.

At home. Hard not to just eat and eat and eat.

That is unfortunate. I hope your lunch situation resolved soon.

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Banana popcorn? :open_mouth:

That looks more rice than chilli. Otherwise very nice, it’s definitely chilli season.

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Aloo Sabzi with extra coriander on top and a piece of flatbread on the side

Cheese and olive cob

Sometimes Hoogy I think you could just make up some words that sound vaguely middle eastern or whatever and we’d all just go “that sounds nice, what fancy lunches you always have!”


Left over pork loin. Pita with hummus. Salad

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How well does pork loin reheat the next day? I’d have my concerns.

4 crumpets with cheese and garlic butter, 2 bags of monster munch, lidl knock off Mars, lidl knock off twix.


I’ve had it cold. We curried some and it was great

Ha. Needed a comma. Sweet and salty of course.

Tzaphar malook, extra chilli and a piece of flat bread.

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Also had a can of Irn Bru that cost me … £2

A can of irn bru cost you £2?! :thinking: I got a 24 pack in Lidl for £5.

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