L. u. n. c. h

working in soho and fancy a posh lunch. what shall i get?

and more importantly, what are YOU having?!?!?!111

oi, where’s my caps sean!

Oh man I’d be heading straight to Hoppers for some Sri Lankan scran if I were you.

Misery lunch for me, got a cheese and cucumber sanga that I’ve brought in. Bag of s&v McCoy’s, banana, had a Mars brownie yesterday, won’t be making that mistake again.

yes mate, i’m all over that

Enjoy your vegetarian pancakes.

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Back on the old ready meals :+1:

massive salad
tunnock’s caramel log

I have not decided yet but I need CARBS
Might get a thai red cuzza.

My colleague has vouchers for £5 burritos, but (and I know this is sacrilege to say on here) I don’t really like burritos. Too stodgy and hard to eat with flabby falling-apart bread and contents that slitter down your front. I never eat one and think, wow, can’t wait to do that again. Bloody ordeal.

however, she has £5 vouchers and I think she needs a pal this lunchtime as she has bad family stuff going on, so it looks like nasty burritos it is.


Can’t believe you’re saying this in eric’s thread, of all people :scream_cat:


Alreet. My mouse needed charged so I had lunch early whilst I had to wait for it.

Pasta pesto.
Tunnocks Caramel log, they are SO messy to eat. There’s coconut all over my desk.

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Please tell her I’m a good listener in exchange for reduced-price burritos.

I’ve already eaten a chicken and coleslaw sandwich and an apple. It was OK but I’m still hungry.

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I KNOW. What are the odds? :scream:

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No way is there coconut in those things, is there?

well nice though

sorry babez :joy::rofl:

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