L. u. n. c. h

17% roasted 11% Desiccated

P.S. Was this a serious question? They’re all over the outside of the thing!

It was a serious question. The problem here was that I was thinking of the caramel wafers.

you silly billy goat.

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I don’t think that I’ve ever had one of those logs.

Oh… well that’s very sad news.

I kind of want to send you a box of them now.

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Are you going to the DiS bike wankathon in Glasgow? You guys could take a detour to the factory in Uddingston.


No, I’m not I’m afraid. I will look for some in the shop the next time that I’m in (and remember).

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When I lived in Uddingston, you could smell the roasted coconut in the morning as I left for work.


That sounds really lovely!!!

My first everever boyfriend was from there. I told him how much my Dad loved Tunnocks so when he first came to visit he brought my Dad a box of wafers :blush:

Apple and Tuna salad (much nicer than it sounds)

only just eating lunch now!!! didn’t have time to go over to hopper’s @jezza so went to benito’s hat instead @foppyish @anon32406580


I was hoping to lunch vicariously through you today :rage:

I didn’t even get my much maligned burrito!! Bloody phone rang just as we were leaving and it was something urgent. I’m now eating a salad roll which is actually really nice. Crunchy well fired morning roll from Henry Healy (Glasgow fast food legends) full of lots of onion and tomato. It’s actually making my mouth quite sore, it’s so scratchy.

serves you right mate!!! :burrito:

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