fancy something quite light and refreshing, maybe i’ll get sushi.



smoked sausage salad

not really ‘a thing’ but i had some smoked sausage so here we go


I am managing an event in a posh venue so free veggie buffet


Got some tomatoey lamb meatballs leftover from last night so gonna heat that up crumble a load of feta on top and get into it.


really looking forward to dinner though. going to make a curry and have been thinking about it since i woke up.


What’s going in it chief?


although i am going to walk past ned’s noodles :thinking:


Impromptu work BBQ happening, and I could not be happier


Also meeting @noise_ramones to go to the bfi later to see 120 bpm. Should I/ we get a wahaca?


:chicken: :coconut: :hot_pepper:


burrito truck is good especially in this weather, the restaurant is usually pretty rammed and has like 45m+ waiting times


Always get a Wagamama’s when I go to the bfi :face_with_monocle:


Fusilli, chicken, green pesto, loads of grated cheddar :muscle:


had a qp avec c meal from maccy Ds (had to pay 15p extra to get a full fat coke!!!) cos I was dead hungry post cycling last night

Sat on the grass outside my office to eat it - watching the traffic go by

there was a guy in the mcdonalds car park eating his in his car, with the windows rolled up! On a lovely day like today!


jerk chicken :ok_hand:

also had a yogurt


seems to be closed for the time being. also:


going to have some pitta bread and houmous I think. maybe an olive or two for some sweet mediterranean vibes


i brought a lunch with me because i am poor


What does said lunch consist of?


a slice of bread