Let us not celebrate hunger

Usual for me. What about wbu?

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A cup of tea and some Malteaser ‘Teaser’ things

Forgot to make lunch, might order something terrible to get me through this awful day. Maybe this pizza place that coats their pizzas in garlic and it’s bloody lovely

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Ezzer do you eat the same thing everyday?


1 x cheese and tomato med pitta
1 x walkers simply salted crinkles
1 x satsuma
1 x white choc kit kat

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get some food in you, man

usually go to the salad man at work like 3 times a week, have switched to the vegan over my usual halloumi though!

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is it feed a cold and starve a flu? or the other way round?

I have a cold. Probably just gonna order pizza regardless

don’t think there’s anything that a puddle of melted cheese wont fix


Had a protein shake

Does look peng, give my regards to Mr John Saladman.

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and what about for lunch

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Got leftover frijole negros and pibil chicken, which we paired with that most yucatanian of sides, a few stalks of broccles, which i obviously ate first. I added some of that el yucateco exxxtra hot sauce to it too, in the hope it might help clear my sinuses. It didn’t, but it was delicious.


Having lunch/ dinner at 3 as I have yoga at 7:30 and eating any later than that hurts my stomach during yoga and I can’t wait till 9:30 to have dinner. Mondays are a tough day.

Always impressed by your ability to put Z’s in places where God never intended them to go


Fanks JaggyP.

i’d eat that

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Quinoa/Sweet Pepper chilli thing from one of our Vegan cookbooks.

chicken fillet, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots.

Are you in prison?


1x turkey, cheese and mustard mayo sandwich
2x pork pie
1x Burts crispy bacon crisps
1x dairy milk jelly bean thing

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East Anglian jacket potato, tuna mayo, beans and sweetcorn on the side. Probably my favourite work lunch.