La Dispute's new album Panorama

How are we all feeling about this now?

Listened to it a LOT and I still can’t quite take how slow it takes to really kick in but then you have tracks like VIEW FROM OUR BEDROOM WINDOW that completely lodge themselves in my brain.

It’s still not Rooms of the House for me but then maybe it’s just far more sweeping an incredible than that?

Not sure what I think of the artwork. I really like it

but it doesn’t really feel like it has a strong connection to the songs for me, seems more like something from the Saga comics

I’m liking it. Not their best but a solid album. Took me 5-6 listens to appreciate it though.

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Im really liking it - I’d put it in the same ballpark as Rooms of the house…I’d be very pleased if there were more than 3 LPs I engage with as much in 2019

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I’ve heard it a bunch of times but i don’t think I’ve listened to it yet. I will get into it. I will. Just not quite yet.


Good to see a mewithoutYoi cover band

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Here’s the original…