Labour Party Thread II: I'm Loving Starmer Instead

Anyway watching this Al Jazeera documentary?

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Dunno. What’s the point? It’s fucked, it’s lost, there’s no hope. Why torture ourselves with the gruesome details of just how thorough and shameless the party machinery can get?

I’m glad it’s out there for some, but it’s just really really depressing.

I agree I do not think it’s any good to ruminate much more about it. We are where we are.

The first part is up on youtube now

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It’s a take, certainly:

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Well yeah a prolonged campaign of purging is one way to create a sort of unity I guess. Think there is probably a point here though. I’m probably projecting significantly but think quite a lot of people will be pretty shocked / appalled by Truss’ rise to power and the early indications of how she’s going to operate, to the point of rallying around the Labour party despite everything. Think you could argue that for the last couple of years there was very little substantial difference between the Tories under Johnson and Labour under Starmer, whilst the difference now looks pretty stark.

Only if Labour pledge to unpick all that she does.

Their approach seems to be to pledge as little as possible. Fairly sure Truss will do an enormous amount of damage in a relatively short space of time, none of which will be easy to unpick or fix though.

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Deeply weird

Completely predictable too. And it will never be enough.

His speech will just consist of him gesturing to that banner and saying ‘eh? eh?’

Christ, fucking pathetic


This sounds ok though. Most exciting thing I’ve ever heard from him

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He’s going to win the next election doing the sum total of fuck all reckon right now if he turned round and said a £2,499 price cap for the entirety of the next parliament he’d probably win it just off the back of that.

Me and me Dad were in the pub last week just going we are going to have to vote for this fucker he said it feels worse than having to vote for Tony in 1997 right now.

I reckon it’s slightly worse cause I can only see any Keith government lasting a Parliament before Ben Bradley MP gets his fuckin mits on the top job


such a cunt


“We need to focus our attentions on solely attracting people who read the daily express”

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Listened to the full interview this morning - funny how these are the two words that the BBC decides to quote from a pretty interesting hour long discussion.

I’m just going to believe the two words they are quoting are “a cunt” and you can’t make me change my mind


Feel pretty ambivalent about this. It’s the obvious choice for a Labour Party determined to never ever make a statement the right wing media can claim as ‘leftist’.

Equally the strength of fascism at play around this is so strong I think it probably would be quite damaging not to acknowledge although obviously the national anthem us really a take too far.

but the right wing media will paint literally any form of government action as ‘leftist’ if it’s being advocated by the labour party