Labour Party Thread II: I'm Loving Starmer Instead

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Can’t believe that little girl isn’t more excited to be meeting Reeves.






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Tbf if any group of people was going to try to have forty speaking slots at a one day event it would be the Labour Party. Speaking over each other if necessary


The big lad’s in Dublin


How exactly is that gonna help the towns, Nandy, you fucking disaster


Beginning to think we should just merge this thread with a Tory one.


It’ll allow her to remain miserable about the general state of this country, which seems to be her main goal in life.


Oh this is what he was over for



Humbled to receive the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage from Trinity College Dublin Philosophical Society for contributions to political discourse and public service.
In my address, I reaffirmed my commitment to anti-imperialism, peace and social justice.
Ooh ah up the 'ra!

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From her speech to conference this year. Reads alright to me:

And I can say to you today that in Government I will make it my priority to tackle the housing crisis because nothing, nothing is more important than a home.

The Tories have turned housing into a racket.

Incentivising speculation and profiteering while millions languish on waiting lists in cold damp homes.

So we will mend the deliberate vandalism of our social housing stock.

Because the idea of a home for life handed on in common ownership to future generations.

Is an idea worth fighting for.

Council housing is not a dirty word.

So today, I can announce we will be the first government in a generation to restore social housing to the second largest from of tenure.

This will be our mantra.

Council housing, council housing, council housing.

We’re going to rebuild our social housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local councils and communities.

With home ownership opened up to millions more.

And for private renters we will tilt the balance of power back to you through a powerful new renters charter and a new decent homes standard – written into law.

Because security in your home, the right to make your home your own and most of all the right to live in a home fit for human habitation.

Is non-negotiable.

Because housing isn’t a market it’s a fundamental human right.

No reason to believe anything a politician says until they do something, but it’s worth being relatively completist about what she’s on record as saying.

It’s also worth remembering that she doesn’t set policy. At conference she announced the council housing policy and Starmer announced the push for home ownership. Could be that they were both happy with that.

Should we be pleased that she’s all over the shop on housing policy?

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No, but I think ‘fucking disaster’ is a little strong, no? We don’t like this Labour party but it’s at least plausible that we’d like it even less without Nandy.

EDIT: If this is the government in waiting who else looks like they’re giving themselves the chance to achieve anything progressive with that opportunity?

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Ed Ballbag


If you combine that with the bit Still Here posted it becomes proper classic Starmer Labour: say everything you think any particular voter might want yo hear and who cares if it’s a complete mess of contradictory sentiment.

If it’s 1:1 replacement backed up by a massive investment programme they’re not contradictory statements.

Setting yourself a much tougher job, though. Particularly when you hit x years into the programme and all the new homes become eligible for right to buy.


To be honest though I don’t think the party was particularly cohesive on housing under Corbyn either. The 2017 manifesto had ambitious targets and the 2019 manifesto had ambitious ideas but too often it was all framed and filtered through comments about “local people” and “giving communities power”.

But more homes = more land for development, and the biggest issue right now really is getting sufficient land moving through the system, because there isn’t enough brownfield in useful places and “communities” and “local people” fight greenfield development endlessly.

Fine to be ambitious but you need to be prepare to be tough as well, particularly if you’re framing the problem as a political and moral one.