Labour Party Thread II: I'm Loving Starmer Instead


Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Jeremy and Kier. They had been inseparable since childhood, growing up together in a small town in the countryside.

Jeremy was always the adventurous one, constantly seeking out new experiences and taking risks. Kier, on the other hand, was more cautious and reserved, preferring to stick to what he knew.

Despite their differences, the two friends had a deep bond that kept them together through thick and thin. They spent countless hours exploring the woods and fields around their town, dreaming of one day traveling the world together.

As they grew older, Jeremy’s thirst for adventure only grew stronger. He talked incessantly about all the places he wanted to see and all the things he wanted to do. Kier was supportive but couldn’t help feeling a bit left behind.

One day, Jeremy came to Kier with an exciting proposal. He had saved up enough money for the two of them to take a trip to Europe together. Kier was hesitant at first, worried about leaving their small town and venturing into the unknown. But Jeremy was so enthusiastic and persuasive that eventually, Kier gave in.

The two friends set off on their adventure, traveling through France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. They saw some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum. They ate delicious food, met fascinating people, and had countless adventures along the way.

As they journeyed together, Kier began to realize that he had been holding himself back for far too long. He had always been content to stay in his comfort zone, but he saw now how much he had been missing out on.

With Jeremy’s encouragement, Kier began to step out of his shell and embrace new experiences. He tried new foods, spoke to strangers, and even went bungee jumping in Switzerland!

By the end of their trip, Kier was a changed man. He had gained a new confidence and a thirst for life that he had never felt before. And through it all, he knew that he had Jeremy to thank for helping him discover a whole new world.

From that day forward, the two friends continued to travel and explore together, always seeking out new adventures and experiences. And no matter where they went or what they did, they knew that they had a bond that could never be broken.


Super hope chatbot dis dies faster than Simpsons Steamed Hams dis



I don’t recall saying that steamed hams dis had died


says Mr Knee Poem himself


Pretty sure @hexagram was the real mastermind behind that era


Ah, such simpler times!

I remember the knee poems of my childhood etc


What a scam. MI5 really earned their money with this one.

I hate this cunt so much.


Why does he have to be such a dork


ah, so hes a full blown cunt who doesn’t like the democratic will of the scottish parliament.

he#s a fucking busted flush lads, you’ve fucked it


feel like its incumbent on us to tell him how nice it is when your downstairs neighbour lets all the weed smell waft up to your flat

weed smells nice!!!

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It’s worse than that though. He’s saying that doing something in government that’s the opposite of what you said you’d do before it or doing something in government that a majority of the electorate don’t like is a bad idea.

Many many years of conservative government prove the contrary.

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The follow up is pretty weird too

In moments like these I miss the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party.

Starmer doing his best to ensure that our politics remains a periodic change of logo colour. “The public say that politicians are all the same regardless of party, and I’m here to fulfil that deeply held expectation”

worse than useless because all he offers is a pressure venting for nominally left wing sentiment and stifles real transformative change. fuck him


Voting for a former public prosecutor? Not even once

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It doesn’t really ring true because as if the cops wouldn’t be well happy to go and move along some people smoking weed outside someone else’s house.

That said I did have a friend whos neighbours smoked so much weed the smell came through the wall and it wasn’t pleasant (especially when they were pregnant) and they ended up moving because of it.

has anyone checked that starmer isn’t AI generated ?


Tough on the smell of cannabis wafting through windows of family homes, tough on the causes of the smell of cannabis wafting through windows of family homes