Labour Party Thread: King Kier's Negotiating Table Army

Inch by inch

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Not a trace of ideology to be found. Just pure, gleaming Starmerism, driving the pine stake of common sense and jobs x3 into Voldemort’s dark heart.

But security and a few treats is not what’s being offered by Jobs Jobs Jobs. If you’re precariously employed, more of the same, isn’t an offer, it’s almost a threat.

Also, there’s the linguistic angle. The word “jobs” speaks to quite a narrow demographic. Saturday job. Part-time job. Temp job. For many (most?) people, “jobs” doesn’t directly translate to the bigger concerns about “careers” or the “economy”. I guess this is a restating of what @marckee said. To a certain demographic (i.e. boomers), jobs are what ‘other people’ do (or should be doing).

That hyperbole about 15 hour weeks in acid mines is just strawman stuff. (Make it 20 hours in bitcoin mines and we’re golden. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

It’s dreadful to the point of basically being…

I suppose when you put it together ith the “Labour says: Get the Brexit Deal Done” thing you’ve got the “Jobs-first” Brexit that Corbyn was pushing for.


“oh i don’t just agree with you boris: i AM you”


Feel like seeing whether this jumped-up middle manager style of rhetoric is successful in winning over voters or not will be thoroughly depressing whatever the result tbh.

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Boris, you’ve let me down. You’ve let this country down. But worst of all, you’ve let yourself down


I dont pay you to make excuses, Boris

If this were as good as they think it is, they wouldn’t need to heavy-handedly explain the context on the same page by reminding people of the original billboard.

What this basically says is “Look! You’re as bad as we were!”.

Such a dearth of ideas. Constantly looking backwards.

Once more, with feeling: You don’t beat the Tories, by being a watered down version of them.


I think this is reading too much into it personally. Also I’m not sure of the Boomer analysis. I’d wager it’s more the result of a strategist going “RED WALL RED WALL RED WALL” into the ear of the Leadership every 10 minutes. Could be wrong of course.



Now he’s having a go at those damn Scottish separatists for not working closely enough with Bojo.

I say to both governments: get a grip, focus on the job in hand and work together to defeat this virus

What an absolute dildo

“all sides have a valid point! the scottish don’t want to be drawn into the outright horror of populist led policy, and the english… well look all sides are valid”

The original advert is 42 years old! So anyone who would remember it in its original context as a voter is in their sixties by now… really great example of who writes and reads newspapers.

Also irks me that the original one is a decent pun, the parodies never are


I was thinking that the fact they had to explain their own reference/joke wasnt a great sign, but hadn’t fully comprehended just how far from current culture it was until you said that. Jesus wept.

Definitely backs up the idea of which demographic Labour are targetting

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EDIT: That didn’t work. Here’s a preview image. Tom Watson joining his pals Michael Dugher and Kevin Schofield in working for the betting industry

Saw an MP tweet a version of this yesterday (much closer to the original ad in style) and it got me thinking about an inbuilt advantage in messaging that comes from how we talk about the two biggest parties.

Labour IS something
Tories ARE something.

Labour is spoken about as a single entity that represents everyone while we always talk about the Conservative party in the plural, as a group of people with different thoughts and opinions.

The Labour ISN’T working message is just so much more powerful psychologically than the Tories AREN’T testing one.


Is that not just because the word ‘labour’ is a hard to pluralise in the same way as ‘Tories’ or ‘Conservatives’?