Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse (Part 1)


New members need to have signed up by today to be able to vote

14 February: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates close

21 February: Postal ballot opens (members)

2 April: Ballot closes, midday

4 April: Special conference to announce result and the new Labour Party leader

Depends. How do you feel about police violence against pensioners?

I can see both sides



If anyone is a member of a Labour affiliated Union you can register to vote as an affiliate member. Didn’t realise this but have signed up today (I’m a member of Unite).

I’ve been thinking recently about how it’s a shame that there isn’t a standout candidate (in my view, I’ll still most likely vote for RLB) and how actually many runners would make good shadow cabinet picks. I hope the campaign isn’t too factional, so a strong front bench could be a reality. For example:

RLB as chancellor
Lisa Nandy as Home Secretary
Keir Starmer as Justice Secretary
Angela Rayner as Education Secretary
Rosena Allin-Khan as Health Secretary
Richard Burgon as Secretary of State
Dawn Butler as Minister for Women and Equality
Clive Lewis as Secretary for International Trade (can’t remember actual title)

And then…some fantasy picks

Caroline Lucas as Environment Minister
Laura Pidcock as Secretary for Work and Pensions :cry:

People who know more about this stuff should also have a go

Although only if she makes a full and genuine retraction of her comments on Catalonia :grimacing:

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I’m a labour member and GMB member. I assume I can’t vote twice?

I personally can’t see past Long-Bailey…I’m not 100% convinced with her as leader…but each of the others have serious drawbacks, imo

The deputy isn’t as clear; on balance I like Butler…but can see arguments for Burgon and Rayner too. I’d just be worried about Burgon’s public performance…and Rayner is more moderate than she (and RLB) let’s on. Plus there was that tone deaf comment about being confused for Jess Phillips in response to Butler talking about racism.

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Can’t get that enthusiastic about any of them at the moment :confused: still hurting tbh


I’ve been really disappointed with her of late…I had this initial fear that she would pander to the blue Labour types…at first she dispelled that completely by endorsing full freedom of movement…but now, she’s fucked it.

I really know fuck all about the deputy leader options (except that Burgon comes across really badly). Any decent guides to/overviews of them?

If we can all vote for the leader individually, what’s the deal with clp’s naming their choice as a group?

Sorry I thought we were still talking about Nandy

That’s… Yeah that’s not good :confused:

Part of the nomination process, to get to the full vote each candidate needs support of at least 5% of CLPs (or some unions)


Yeah this is a proper wtf moment


Also why the hell does this need to go on until April


Mostly logistics, innit - won’t even know who’s on the ballot paper until mid Feb.

Honestly think we grossly overestimate how many people vote based on policy. Virtually every human-being i’ve ever met votes based on gut feeling, perceived charisma and, well, media misinformation.

I really don’t want to vote for any of 'em.