Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse (Part 1)

Briefcase Labour aren’t enjoying being asked why they don’t simply suspend pairing in order vote against terrible things

Continuing to hold his ministerial post is both political and damaging

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Aside from everything else, never not funny to see an elected MP earnestly engaging with an account called “Polprof Wario”


Ayyy he finally got there


His handler has given him the nod then. That probably does mean that’s it for Johnson.

He has the power to kill a perfectly healthy alpaca, so I have no doubt he’ll be wearing Johnson’s skin as a leather jacket in a week


I mean, people were having a go at an MP who’s being brought back to work from a nervous breakdown for not breaking pairing when the Tory vote in the commons vote was more than the other parties combined.

Like, pairing is obviously shit, the entire political system in this country is also shit, and the system is also antiquated, but there’s something a bit off about having a go at somebody with PTSD because she was paired with a Tory.


Yeah it’s a really weird thing to be going off about.

Eagerly awaiting the v2 thread subtitle. :cowboy_hat_face:

Daily Mail in thrall to Big Alpaca. Tests actually inconclusive.


Yeah fair, given she was in that day I had assumed she hadn’t voted as she was paired with an absent Tory

Feel like with all the pain and fear the Tories and their helpers have inflicted on people, plus we’re all actually suffering from levels of Pandemic-based stress, it’s one of those things where there isn’t exactly a single position I can say is wholly tight or wrong here. It’s very shit for the MP in question but it’s almost certainly coming from people who are not in a good place themselves.

Charlotte Nichols is currently being treated for PTSD, and is still an in-patient, and is doing a phased return to parliament.

The issue of pairing is an important one to discuss, and until massive reforms are made more widely in parliament, that will continue to be the case, but imho indiscriminately ragging on people for using it is counterproductive, at best.



El oh el


Labour leader Keir Starmer says Johnson quiz appears to have broken law
Labour leader Keir Starmer has said that UK prime minister Boris Johnson appeared to have broken the law with an alleged Christmas quiz and that he must have known there were other groups taking part in other rooms.

Asked on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show whether he was breaking the rules, Starmer said:

“Well it looks as though he was. And he must have known those other groups were in other rooms in his own building. And this is very important because he’s damaged his authority, he’s now so weak, his party’s so divided, he can’t deliver the leadership this country needs.”

He added: “He’s the worst possible leader at the worst possible time.”


He declined to call on the prime minister to resign.



I do sometimes wonder if the only reason Keith hasn’t asked for Boris to resign is because he knows it is a pointless position and that if he asked for it the Tories would start backing Boris. Better for him to be ousted by his own party as is the Tory tradition.


Really appropriate that this thread should close with the most supremely sensible, 100th dimension chess, wet wipe move possible. Absolutely useless


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