Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse

For all the jabs about how the left lives in a bubble, it seems to be administrative libs on either side of the Atlantic who have the unhealthiest obsession about what a few people on Twitter are saying.

Whatever the case, the hyper-sensitive nature of Kieth’s team doesn’t augur well for when the right wing press decide to cut him loose does it.


Unity, by stamping out democracy


This thread is a catalogue of outright falsehoods, gaslighting and complete delusion

This might have been a good position for the PLP to arrive at several years ago…

wtf, this is completely deranged

i thought Stephen Bush was meant to be one of the more ‘normal’ journos, has he gone a bit weird or has he always been like this?

He’s completely lost it since about mid-2019.

All the things that made him stand out as an exception to the other political journalists - engaging in good faith, actually reporting on what’s going on - seem to have been junked almost overnight.

He is of Jewish descent himself (not sure if he identifies as Jewish, I think he might) and he has been consistently scathing of both a) the Labour Party and b) Jeremy Corbyn in their respective handlings of antisemitism for at least the past 4 years. I didn’t watch that but I don’t imagine what he would have said would be wildly different from anything else he has previously said (including writing sympathetically about Margaret Hodge in particular).

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There’s no way that he would have said this 18 months ago:

Forgive me if I don’t quite trust this chap at recounting accurately what was actually said

(Furthermore it strikes me as a minor point. Bush still seems to me to be the most reliably rational, reasonable and informed political journo on the scene by some distance.)

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I mean if he’s coming out with obviously false shite like that he ain’t.

I think you’re underestimating just how bad the rest of them are.

(Adam Bienkov, aside)

I would need to listen to the whole thing to form a full opinion on it. I don’t think charges of arrogance against Corbyn are obviously false as a whole, but I’ll admit that doesn’t seem on the face of it an honest recounting of the circumstances in which Corbyn became candidate in 2015 (he rather sheepishly said “what if I stand?” at a Campaign Group meeting because it was his turn and he did so out of a sense of duty above all else, as I recall).

Solidarity with this, tbh.

Interested in knowing why, how and when it was changed from the oldest member system if anyone knows of a primer - I’ve seen conflicting claims over the last 24 hours, and no doubt a chunk of the stuff published in the last day is bad faith.

I agree with this tweet

Isn’t the other common line that once he did made the nomination he (jokingly) asked his campaign manager to make sure he didn’t win the leadership? Again, doesn’t really chime with the idea that he was arrogant enough to think that it should have been him rather than anyone else.

Again, I would need to listen to what was specifically said. Corbyn to my mind has displayed repeated arrogance, but then again which leader of a political party ever hasn’t? It goes with the territory. I don’t think the circumstances leading to him becoming leader are an example of it though.


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