Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse

Yeah been reading this too. Scotland less important than potential donors. Good vibes.

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Lennon would be a good choice. She actually has some energy about her.

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Has he just realised that no-one knows he was Scottish Labour leader and this was his chance to get his name out there?

I think you give the JC too much credit in the influencing of the Jewish community’s views. Circulation is very low - less than 20,000 a week, half of which is free, and their website traffic isn’t particularly high. Only people I know who avidly read it are conservative leaning over 70s - people who would never think of voting Labour in the first place.

My point was that, although I personally feel there were/are issues, Corbyn’s leadership wouldn’t spook such a significant percentage to emigrate, which leads me to question the legitimacy of the poll and laugh at the Daily Mash style Jewish Chronicle’s reporting of it.

Just tickled my funny bone, is all.


Seen as we’re on this subject, the way that some prominent ghouls on twitter are trying really hard to retcon anyone that supported Corbyn as reprehensible antisemitism apologists is so depressing, especially because it’s been adopted and signal-boosted by some big figures in the media. The natural next step from Rachel Riley comparing the Miners Gala to a Klan rally.

Thread is worth a read if you want to put your foot through the screen.

What a fine collection of some of the most abusive, bigoted people on twitter…

Talking of which:

I think the influence of the paper was inflated to be much greater than just its circulation over the past five years.

It was paid little heed by the rest of the press before 2015, but it was amplified into the voice of, and the arbiter for, the Jewish community by much of the rest of the press and the commentariat.

The paper, and its editor, sit to the right of the Daily Mail, and have been just as vindictive over the years (if less competent in the libel courts). The fact that such a paper was adopted by the Labour right as being a beacon of sensible reason shows how little the majority of them really cared about anti-semitism and how willing they were to use and abuse the Jewish community in their aims.

With any luck, Lee H*rpin will bankrupt the paper in the courts.

No surprise seeing wheelman there

I don’t even understand the context of this - did Jack Monroe have a go at Corbyn or something? Why are people saying she’s trying to appease the mob, or whatever? Was Jack Monroe briefly cancelled or something?


Basically it’s this article.

She got criticised by the corbyn supporting left for it and the virulently anti-Corbyn mob are now unhappy that they’ve publicly changed their mind.

Followed by her saying she’s no beef with corbyn and now she’s getting she’s getting accused of ignoring the antisemitism by one side as well as hating corbyn by the other.

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This has to be because they need to find funding sources to replace the grassroots membership subs they’ve lost by moving to the centre, no? Depressing

find it quite funny that all these people were all moaning originally that Jack was being attacked by Corbyn supporters and that people should get their priorities right and not attack someone who’s doing good work at the minute - then Jack posts that apology and those people immediately start their own attacks. great work lads.


Andrew Adonis and Matt Forde getting all excited about this

Does anyone think it’s real?

I doubt it.

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I saw this and thought of this thread

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