Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse

coming straight from tha middle-ground


Or, the 2017 Labour Manifesto

assume you’re talking about promising to increase police numbers?

Yes, which was funded by a reversal of the proposed Tory CGT cut if memory serves.

i don’t think you can say that the 2017 commitment to increase police numbers, alongside other reforms to, eg, tackle racism within the police and re-frame some aspects of policing to help prevent people falling into crime, is the same as promising to crack down on anti-social behaviour with more police and greater rights for “victims”. The inverted commas represent the fact that the crime of anti-social behaviour is sometimes just being in public when you’re not a middle aged white man.

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True, but no-one actually listens to that nuance. The public line in 2017 (which was a Diane Abbott masterstroke) focused purely on the fact that Conservative austerity had gutted police numbers and that Labour would restore them. And it worked.

whether you look at the detail or the overall intended message I think they are very different


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Without wishing to derail this into a discussion of how patronising that sounds, I think most people were able to understand that the Labour 2017 messaging sat within a manifesto of progressive, socially-liberal policy proposals across multiple departments, whereas at the moment the messaging is just limited to anti-young authoritarianism.


It’s patronising to assume that most people don’t analyse policies advocated by political parties that deeply?

I think that there’s a difference between ‘no-one’ and ‘most’, and there’s a difference between ‘listens to’ and ‘gets to hear’.


I was using ‘no-one’ flippantly of course, but fair point

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The purging of insufficiently enthusiastic councillors has kicked up a gear

When you see some of the stuff that other Labour councillors said between 2015 and 2019, it’s clear that their claims of stalinism were all projection.


2017 wasn’t after the huge George Floyd protests and all the other police brutality stuff we’ve seen ramp up recently. At the time my recollection is that Tories were very much at loggerheads with the police including an officer making some claims about an MP outside number 10 that were later found to be exaggerated or something? At the time it very much felt like the police were not on-side with the Conservatives which, given they were ‘the party of law and order’ made it an important propaganda exercise to secure votes IMO.

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Right finally cancelled my membership. Ashamed I hung on this far really