Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse

“I take full responsibility… for you being shit”

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I’m here again with Tracy Brabin, our candidate for the West Yorkshire metro mayor, and she’s got a fantastic plan focusing on jobs - 1,000 jobs for the area, particularly for young people.

Ok nice start Keir

She’s also got a very, very good plan for transport and buses, and we’ve seen what Andy Burnham has done over in Manchester with transport. Cheap, efficient, smart transport that really helps communities, that’s what we can have here with Tracy Brabin.

Yep that’s it, public transport and green agenda helping poor communities

What I say to people is if you want that, if you value that, then vote for it.

Clear and concise Sir, that messaging was needed regarding policy last time

She will, of course, also be very, very strong on crime because the crime levels here are too high and she will drive them down.

Fuck off Keith you bootlicking scumbag. So close


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Steps to rebuild the party

  1. Do everything we say
  2. ???
  3. Lose every election for the next 5 years

Whilst Keith is out there like well it’s understandable that nobody would vote for us seeing as how we are a bad and wrong party


If you zoom in he’s actually voted for the ira and Russia


You voting today? [Anon]

  • Labour
  • Green
  • Other
  • Not bothering

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Voting Labour, green AND lib dem*

What a day

*Second choice in mayoral election, just in case it comes to that (it won’t)

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Absolute cunt of a man


Is he just outright lying?

I think it’s more likely to be miscommunication somewhere. Everything suggests the leadership support the campaign.


Am I reading this right as

Because WTAF? :smiley:


It’ll be…I don’t fucking know. UKIP to Tories…Tories to LD? Some DMV to LD and UKIP to DNV? IDK

TBH I’m not really sure this is actually a gain from Labour is it?

This is the table from that page for Sandhill

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These sorts of comments seem OTT

Did they really think it would be a walk in the park? Seems more like Labour just didn’t care if they lost the seat because (a) they could no doubt see the way the vote split last time with the Brexit Party and (b) as well as that excuse being in the back pocket they could trot out the utterly meaningless “it was all Corbyn’s fault” crap to sidestep any issues with their candidate.

Not sure there was a candidate who could have won this for them, TBH. I mean there’s no point being Keir Starmer’s Labour Party and putting up candidates who are from Corbyn’s one.

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Can anyone tell me what this court case was?

Doing Google searches doesn’t really bring up any apparent 6-figure pay out court cases for Labour in the post-Corbyn times.

It was the Panorama thing:


Ah thanks.

That was what I found and it didn’t make sense. But I now realise it’s because I misread this line

paying out 6 figure sums on court cases your lawyers said you would win

as going to court because your lawyers said you would win and then losing and paying out 6-figures. (Rather than giving up and paying out even though your lawyers said you’d win.)

Two good Momentum candidates I like won their seats, one of them came from third place last time to win! Don’t really care about the national stuff, wankers are gonna wank, but I am pleased about this one!