Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse

I’d be interested in seeing data on this. I doubt many people outside the Westminster bubble actually associate Starmer particularly with being a remainer. I doubt many people associate him with being anything really.

I think it’s a convenient fiction to point at Starmer and say Brexit supporters won’t back him because of his history as shadow brexit minister. Hardly anyone outside the Labour bubble has talked about it in over a year.


Weirdly because it’s the National status quo they are offering them change.
Look at the investment that the seats that changed are receiving, they want that levelling up money for some hope for the future. What are labour offering them?

Yeah fair enough (like I said), but obviously there is a non-trivial proportion of euro-resistant (shall we try that one?) voters in that constituency.

Because it doesn’t fit the presses narrative and he’s not gonna bring it up is he but people do know

Yes but they can be beaten. There’s a non trivial amount of euro resistance every where.

We can all assert assumptions as facts with nothing to back it up, but it gets us nowhere.

Commission a poll. I’ll just go off the people i talk to from West Yorkshire everyday

You can’t bicker in here, this is the Labour Party thread!


It’s fine. I need to stop coming in here. I’ve made the same mistake yet again, so I’ll just mute the politics board.

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Was only teasing but completely get your point about it being exhausting in here. Take care of yourself 'Zeal

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I’m not really arguing otherwise. I was just pointing out that reading through the list of election results in that constituency I see a Labour majority constituency gradually become more marginal as a result of “Brexit issues”. To expand on the bit marckee disagreed with I would hazard a guess that in 2015 most former Lib Dem voters decamped to Labour, (although some will have gone to the tories), and at the same time the increasing significance of anti-Europe feelings saw voters for whom that was becoming their principal concern, switch from both Labour and the tories (more so) to UKIP. And ever since that point a coalition of tory voters and anti-europe voters would win the seat, which looks like what will happen this time.

But I don’t think the “fact” that those former Labour voters will now be voting for the tories necessarily means they now support tory policy. I think they have decided that anti-European policy is now their prime motivation. Which would explain why in 2017 when the argument was “won” they reverted to voting for the party that most reflected their other views, Labour.

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Well by that metric Labour can’t offer them anything until they’re the party in power so it’s moot what they do.

But it was won in 2019 and is won now

Don’t follow sorry, can you expand?

Or you know policies like 2017 when they weren’t in power 🤷🏻

You’re saying they got the votes in 2017 because the anti European argument was won. They haven’t lost it since then

Oh I see. I think my contention would be that in 2019 they accepted that Brexit was still “under threat”, although I’ll admit I don’t know much about HWDI save that they were some sort of UKIP spinoff.

[I mean it would be hard to argue with a straight face that the 2019 election wasn’t heavily Brexit focussed.]

Agreed but seeing this years election through the same lense is equally as daft

Just burnt my lunch because of this thread.

Fucking starmer :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yeah possibly so. I can’t really put myself in the mind of a Brexiteer at the best of times.