Labour Party Thread: Things Can Only Get Worse


This is bang on. Go Dawn!


Lib dems winning here!

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Socialist Appeal are fine and just too left for the labour party it would appear. They’ve been around for ages. Kier doesn’t want socialism anywhere near the labour party. It’s disgusting. Kier is more bothered about his rich pals than anything

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Great great great.


Does anyone have any idea what went on at the London ‘conference’? It sounds like it was a right (-wing) shitshow

NO much beyond what you have said to be honest. Labour to Win backed candidates taking most positions i believe. This is what unity in the labour party looks like apparently.

The muting of Kathryn Johnson at the end seemed a bit much also*

I feel inadequate to comment too much in here though so will leave it to others!

*She’s going to deliver it in full tonight at 8

Beyond parody


Fucksake our country is a farce

The Labour leader added: “But I do want, in fairness to the temporary Speaker, Judith Cummins, who was there – she did the right thing, she followed the rules, because parliament doesn’t allow you to call other parliamentarians liars in the chamber. So I don’t criticise the deputy speaker for what she did. But do I support Dawn in what she said? I absolutely do.”

Tone policing built into the actual system

too be fair Dawn Butler has said that herself the speaker had no choice because of arcane rules

That’s exactly the problem with what Keith has said. He can’t just give a full defence to Dawn and say the rules are bullshit. Nobody was saying the speaker was wrong to throw her out so why start bringing it up? He does this all the time, he can’t communicate except in weird legalese that impresses a few columnists and just puts everybody else off. And he’s got a constant need to appear like he’s a good boy following the rules.


I don’t think that’s too contrary of a position to take tbh

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I think it’s an equivocation that only serves the interests of the status quo.

But enough about Starmer


I think it’s because Cummins isn’t even a deputy speaker, she’s a temporary appointment to the role and as a Labour MP she was in a difficult position. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to defend her too.


This is why he’s being quite so both-sides about it, and is a fair enough reason in some respects, but…

I don’t think people ITT are so bothered by that as by the fact that he didn’t include a "the whole damn SYSTEM is wrong, because he is 100% a product of The System, and is never going to be particularly critical of it.

I say this as someone who spent most of 2017-2019 working myself into a frot over every parliamentary machination that Bercow Macguivered out of it.


save it for Thursday

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I think my preferred approach with this would be to ignore the whole Butler side of things, ignore the procedural side, and just weigh into the tories a bit.

I doubt it would achieve much, but getting asked about this is an open goal to criticise them, so do it. Don’t get into the issue of whether or not Dawn Butler was on the right or wrong side of some daft parliamentary procedure, nobody cares.


He should talk about the fact that Boris Johnson lies out his arse all the fucking time, as well as the fact that the system actively prevents the opposition from trying to hold him to account on it.

Parliamentary reform should be something Labour talk about. Everybody in the country knows it’s bollocks, you just need to talk about the real effects of it being bollocks when it happens.


About fucking time