Labour to scrap tuition fees


big move.

How would that work?


Yes and ho!


Like it did beforehand I’d imagine


All train carriages to become quiet carriages!


One super-loud BANTER CARRIAGE per train


Designated quiet seats on buses!


One super loud BANTER SEAT per bus!


just got this PM from discourse bloke:

hi mick, glad to see you back on these boards but it’s not necessary to start a new thread for every thought you have. there are existing threads for many of the subjects you wish to discuss. happy posting!

seems a bit harsh to me but better appease the bloke tbh or you’ll end up like balonz


I will believe this when I see it.


but will you vote for it?


I’m voting for Labour but I don’t think they’ll do everything they’re promising if voted in.


Who is ‘discourse bloke’?


Imagine someone a bit like Theo, but even more so.


he’s a bit like keyser soze


It’s a pseudonym - her real surname is Dugdale.


Good thread.


They gonna scrap what I owe the gov’t?


Looking forward to The Mail’s hot take on this tomorrow.


You don’t owe it to the government. They sold it


Does this include scrapping tuition fees for people who started university after they were tripled?

That would suit me. I’m a victim of the new fees.