Lacuna Coil

woah guys, do you remember? :open_mouth:

on mobile so couldn’t see who started this thread but i managed to guess

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Nooo :pensive:

They aren’t as good as 16 year old me seems to remember them being. Might listen to Nightwish instead.

Unleashed Memories is still a banger

I remember

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A song that went DESTINY in it

Cant remember the name

Can I interest yu in Ephel Duath?

One good tune

Thanks for this, my other half is a fan and would be interested in this.

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Saw them at Download in 2006, even as a 16 year old I thought the shit that people shouted at her between songs was reprehensible.

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Still a banger.

Remember feeling very awkward amongst the crowd at Download 09

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Listened to Unleashed Memories while quite fragile and hungover and have decided to revert back to being a teen goth

Was going to post this actually after listening to it in the car this afternoon.

And some of their other stuff. It’s still good in parts.

Maybe I was just tired the other night…

Better than Evanescence thats all i can aay