LadBaby vs The Kunts


I actually get this. They’re kind of puerile - the one time I get all that much joy from them is when I’m reading the chart positions. I’d like the song to chart high but I don’t especially want to listen to it.

I also realise that above, I said I’d buy every remix of this, which rather makes me a hypocrite. That was a comment on the sentiment rather than the actual record which I have now heard. I’d still like to see a song with that title high up in the charts, but I’m not sure about actually buying it.

Good news. Looks like we won’t have to put up with a Kunts single this Christmas.

Got some bad news for you:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet


Oh God.

I don’t share your confidence.

Yeesh. My guess is that they had this lined up as a Kunts song until LadBaby pulled out. And they would have struggled to get the same sales without a nemesis so didn’t want to do it under their name.

Looks like they’re also releasing it a week early so it won’t be eligible for Christmas number one, to be fair

Again I very much suspect this wouldn’t have been the case had LadBaby had a Christmas single out!

Trying to remember the mad shit that happened last year. Didn’t the Kunts Twitter page go rogue and it was run by an absolute melt otherwise unaffiliated with the band

I fucking hate Britain

tbf the first Boris Johnson is a Fucking Cunt single was quite funny

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Wasn’t it ran by the bloke who setup the Rage Against The Machine campaign?

Yeah, that guy is such a cunt.

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The fact that a song with that name charted highly was funny. Everything else though…

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