Has anyone else watched this? Couldn’t find any mention on here when I searched for it. I watched the first episode late on Saturday night when someone recommended it to me, ended up staying up to binge the whole series.

Haven’t seen anything quite so painfully relatable in a long time. It’s about a guy in his early 30s looking back at his teenage years (set in 2003 or so), so pretty perfectly mirrors my own life (turns out we even did the same course at the same university a year apart) and so much of it has uncanny parallels to my own life. Pretty sure the bully characters were directly lifted from my own youth.

Anyway, go watch it, it’s excellent.


The radio show was really good. Haven’t watched this yet.

Also, go and see Sheeps

What is Sheeps please

He is in a sketch comedy group with two other guys.

They’re fucking brilliant. Their first “proper” show was based on the premise that they are doing a preview show for a Wembey Stadium gig and is them workshopping one sketch multiple different ways. They’re really good.

The group is called “Sheeps” in case that wasn’t clear.

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Ah right.

I’m certain I must have seen him perform at uni, but I can’t remember him at all (unlike Simon Bird and a bunch of other wankers who are everywhere now). Will definitely look out for anything else he does though.

I watched the first episode, it was okayyyy. It mainly made me really glad I didn’t grow up in Leeds. (I am from a different part of West Yorkshire so it’s ok for me to say this)

I got briefly annoyed that they were playing PS2 with what looked like wireless Dual Shocks, but aside from that I pretty much loved every minute of it.


PS2 had Dual Shocks…

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Wireless controllers weren’t introduced until the PS3 in 2006 though.

But I forgive them for namechecking both Tekken, Metal Gear Solid and Ratchet & Clank.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to read “Wireless”

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I think also he’s slightly younger than me so the cultural references made me feel like I was watching something about the year below me at school, and they were all dickheads.


Ha, I do admire that it is that specific though. (The main issue for me is he was into hip-hop whereas when I was that age I was a proper “the only real music has guitars” kind of dweeb).

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is liam williams the ‘pls like’ guy
if he is then i watched some of that and thought it was ok

I have just googled that and yes he is. (Think I dimly remember seeing an episode of that?)

I don’t think it’s that reasonable to think that Shrewbs will know whether or not you’ve seen an episode of Pls Like

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You’re right, I apologise for putting that on him.

Apology accepted

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