Tin head was magnificent in this, the perfect minor character.


Didn’t realise/had forgotten there was a second series, is good isn’t it

Feel grateful that I first encountered this as the radio show, because when he turned up on the telly he definitely didn’t look how I imagined he would.

He was also good in “Back to Life” but then so was everyone.


Think it might have been the last piece of R4 comedy I actually enjoyed (still usually end up hearing most of the 6:30 shows regardless as married to an Archers fan)

Really fallen off a cliff hasn’t it.

Particularly significant for me because Mrs F likes to have the radio on when we go to bed for half an hour or so, which coincided with this slot. Perfect in terms of being quite funny and also being delivered by a nice easy to listen to voice. Now it’s all loud garbage at that time of night followed by Today in Parliament if I’m not careful with the sleep function.

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You go to bed at 7pm?

It was on at 11pm. Don’t think it ever made the 6:30 slot.

Watched all of series 3 this week, right enjoyed it. Tried with series 1 and 2 when they came out, they didn’t take, will give them another go. It’s basically A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys in sitcom form isn’t it. That’s a good song though, so I can get on board with it.

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This is so good, tinhead is a brilliant character


Just finished series 1.
Great program, it’s funny being from around there, slightly older - but all the references to the local area and clubs of Leeds/Wakefield etc are making me laugh.

Thankfully I was nowhere near that embarrassing/cringey at that age :eyes:

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Watched the first ep laat night. Not sure on the present day bits or him being a witness to the school days but the young lads in it are properly funny. Seems lazy to say its a realistic Inbetweeners but it isn’t an unfair comparison

(This should also be in Entertainment)

He also did a show on BBC3 called Pls Like that I really liked, where he plays himself (obviously) and is unexpectedly thrown into the world of YouTube influencers. Most of the episodes are only 15 minutes and it’s really fun.


The guy who plays Rupert is fucking brilliant at it

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