Ladies and gentlemen, here's what you've been waiting for, put your hands together for FRIDAY

Someone’s probably already started the thread while I’ve been typing such a long title

What are your plans? I’m wearing my new orange tee shirt, which says Electronic in the same font as the Bernard Sumner / Johnny Marr project which is apparently now 30 years old

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Morning! Actually slept well in a family room in a Travelodge! :partying_face: @Im_On_Safari @slicky

Now having the “unlimited” breakfast.




Working then getting in a car with my pals and getting a boat to Scotland :grin:


Going France fer a wknd innit


Morning all!

I’m teaching this morning and then either covering a class for someone else or teaching them this afternoon.

This week has exhausted me and I feel a bit like I’m running on fumes.

I’m making a daal (possibly with some fish) for tea and then playing football.

Went for dinner last night with my best friends from school and after a couple of months of feeling pretty crappy it really cheered me up.

Now to decide which Kent beach to take the dog to for a walk today.

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Another mystery work meeting today.

Listening to Solange on the tram, having a bloody great time.

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Just off downstairs to work


Was it yesterday you had a meeting with the HR bod attending? How’d it go?


Get to spend another day with an ickle baby. Potentially going to the North brewery later.

It was about a structural change (that apparently didn’t effect our jobs and could have been an email) but today is “additional catch up” with just me, my boss and one other woman who I never ever worked with. She doesn’t have them in with the rest of the team, so I’m still thinking the worst. Really wish they’d realise being all cloak and dagger is incredibly stressful.

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Morning all.

At work, isn’t it.

Might treat myself to a scenic ride home afterwards.

No real plans for the weekend.

Got a half day, so going to get my meeting done, stick some fish and chips in the oven for an early lunch, before heading off for my 20th Reading Festival this afternoon. Not feeling great about being surrounded by so many young people, in the current climate, so might have to have a few calming beers.



I’m in Wales but my daughter and I are driving home to Brighton today

Looking forward to seeing my cats and just being in my flat, I hope my son didn’t leave it in too much of a state while he was isolating in it

Does this mean you get to go to larne? Lucky you

Coming home from Devon today. It’s been fantastic, especially the surfing lesson yesterday where I didn’t manage to stand up but got hit in the head with my own surf board 15 times and managed to belly flop in about 2ft of water.


bom dia

just working and that. might go to a music listening club later :sunglasses:

think i need to eat more vegetables so i’ll make a big vat of soup in a bit

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It does! I’m excited

Picked somewhere nice to stop for lunch?