Ladies and gentlemen, here's what you've been waiting for, put your hands together for FRIDAY



(tbh I tried switching to Firefox on mobile for a while but went back because DiS was kind of broken on it, plus I think it’s a bit slower)

Yeah, this. Can’t open link in new tab, only into new group. Which I don’t want to do, because NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS FEATURE


tried to do too much before work and then missed every connection and was about 30 mins late, oops. then the coffee shop was playing jamiroquai. not a great start to the day all told but at least i have #coffee.


does not compute

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Started using fabric softener again, why did I ever stop? Keep on getting lovely wafts of lavender. Doing another wash just so there’s more waft.

ur a waft

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I’m so tired

no, u.

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Sorry in advance, dream chat:

Also had a bit of a not very nice dream that I posted an unflattering photo of myself in the Friday Selfies thread and got a lot of mean posts about it :scream: that wasn’t very nice, silly dream.

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This will literally never happen.


Why is it grey on Friday having been nice all week? We had big plans to christen the bbq this evening.

Really feeling last nights 5 a side on a smaller pitch. @acorn is your knee okay?


Thanks dingaling :heart: It was weirdly a guy I went to school with who made all the horrible comments, I don’t know why him, he was really nice in school. In the dream I confronted him about it though. Go me. Haha.


I first went to Reading in 2000 and felt old by 2004, no idea how I’d cope now. Have the shenanigans calmed down at all over the years? Setting fire to toilets and jumping fires in shopping trolleys was big for a while.

They banned fires after 6pm on the Sunday, back in 2011 and it’s certainly helped calm the site down a lot, although tent fires still happen… long after we’ve got home.

the crowd are generally not as dickish these days, but being 20+ years older than them does make them annoying in a different way.

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why haven’t i seen this before!


yeah, totally fine. forgot I’d took a knock until now.

really fun game, that. I had a lovely time.

Doing that thing where you eat all the food in the fridge that’s open before you go away for a few days.

The result is: replacing butter on my cheese sandwich with cream cheese. Quite a large amount of it. Double cheese. Must be good, right?


I thought I was going to be sick :grin:

Let me know how this goes, I always have cream cheese left over from recipes I’ve been tempted to add to a cheese toastie but never taken the plunge

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