Ladies of DiS: Where do you buy your swimwear?

Personally I’m particularly interested in hearing where those of you who, like me, are not standard H&M sizes in this field.

I need a proper bikini bra not just a ~top~ with no support, you know? Love me some high waisted bottoms too (helps conceal the beer belly innit). Not had a one piece swimsuit in my adult life because of lack of support etc (and it is nice to get some sun on my belly as well), but open to suggestions.

I’m looking at M&S online as I bulk buy my bras from there whenever I’m over. How’s Primark for sizes in underwear/swimwear? Don’t think I’ve ever bought this type of thing from them.

Where else?

M&S for me. My one piece costume does have good boob support, although I actually don’t need much support there (they are proportionally small - I can go braless without any issues)

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Yeah M&S. I never wear bikinis but their swimsuits are well made and decent range of sizes

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Actually I think they do quite a few one pieces with in built boob support if that helps


Worth checking out for sure. Just need something that has suppert in all the right places and that I feel comfortable and confident wearing in public :mermaid:t2:‍♀

Brastop. Good range of tankinis and bikinis and such like in good sizes.

Reasonable pricing as well.

Figleaves more expensive but also worth looking at

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ASDA for all my basic swimming stuff, or Wiggle for Speedo type proper stuff.

No idea about ‘fashion’ stuff though, the last thing I bought was incredibly inappropriate for a public outing but didn’t realise until I was already on the beach and had to just slut it up for the rest of the day :woman_shrugging:

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I like swimdresses and have bought a couple from Simply Be, the one I have atm isn’t on there anymore though.
Think I’ll get the polka dot one at the bottom.
I also had a dream I was wearing a really cute bikini with cherries on it and now I want to find one similar. Would really like to pluck up the courage to rock a bikini this summer. Just want to tone up a bit first (and lose a stone :upside_down_face:).

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Always get compliments on my swim dresses :sunglasses:

Didn’t realise I’d bodged the link

Oh ffs


Uhhh this website is amazing. I’m wary of shopping online without the chance to tey things on first though, and they don’t have actual shops right?

I find one piece swimsuits a lot more supportive cause they’re tighter and press your boobs in

Bought a :bikini: from bravissimo that I’ve never worn for swimming but it does look great and holds my breasts nicely.

If they have wires and padding I’m sure they can be great too, just don’t tend to see that anywhere :face_with_monocle:

Ok I’ve been looking at the bravissimo website and I’m definitely paying them a visit when I’m over, both bikinis and one pieces look great

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also noticing how many online shops for bikinis and swimsuits for big busts dont let you access them cause of GDPR

like it came in a year ago guys move on

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Totally fluked getting a great bikini from boohoo a few years ago. Ticked all the boxes; high waist, good bum coverage, adequate tit support. It was cheap enough that the risk of buying online was worth it, but it was perfect. It’s lasted really well too considering that the quality from fast fashion sites is usually :-1:

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Also, can we please acknowledge how important bum coverage is? So many swimsuits/bikinis are great everywhere, except on the bottom. I really don’t want to walk around with my cheeks hanging right out.


I don’t understand this. They always seem to cover like half each cheek (if that) and then i get an immediate wedgie. Can i not have something that covers my whole bum and then actually stays on? I have the same issue with pants but at least then I’m not exposing my arse to everyone!


I don’t think so.

I can vouch for the boob support on thier swimdresses though!

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