"Ladies who lunch"

The vast majority of women have lunch. Every female colleague I have has lunch. I have also been for lunch with former girlfriends and female friends. Infact I might meet a female friend for lunch tomorrow.

This is also true for men.

Whats the big deal?

Dudes that dinner

Men that masticate


Boys that Brekkie

Gals that go out for food

Sistas that supper

dinner ladies


*ladies who eat lunch

It’s a good excuse to sit around and have a gossip. :woman_shrugging:


Chums that chomp

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Dicks who dine

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Got a really tedious report on my desk that refers several times to “working women population”, with no definite article. It’s odd.

friends who feed

Omg can you believe that Steven has a new girlfriend already? Him and Tanya only broke up last week

Great lunch of lads


Very good.

Genders that graze

Pricks that Petit Dejeuner

Non genders that blender

Queers who quaff