‘lads/girls holidays’

Watching a thing on channel 5 just now about folk working/living in Benidorm.

Reckon it’s the isolation affecting me but it almost looks appealing.

Anyone got any stories from this type of holiday?





Acceptable for stag/hen dos, but I’d never want to be on holiday with more than one other adult under any other circumstances.

Did two “lads holidays” to Kos and Magaluf respectively at 16/17ish.

I would say they were both a major contributing factor to my eventual teetotalism.


Not been on one. Doesn’t appeal at all. A group of my friends went on one when we were in sixth form, had a massive fallout so when they came back there was this weird schism for those of us who hadn’t gone.

They definitely all fucked each other.


Srsly though the concept of drink slash drug fuelled hedonism either scares the crap out of me or bores me senseless

Most probably it’s a cross between the two

Humping would be aight tho

Two weeks in Tenerife with the girls when I was 17/18. 14 days of constant drinking, not much eating. Developed pneumonia on my return and spent a month in bed recovering. The group of six kind of fell out without actually having an argument and split into two groups of three afterwards. Think we and other young people made things miserable for other people in our hotel/flight home with our rowdiness. Fun times.

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Invariably progresses like this:

At the low point I’d say about a fifth of the group are actively researching flights home.


Only been on holiday 3 times in my adult life and they all featured friends that were girls and boys. Can’t think of any activities that I want to do that would be in any way improved if it was all boys. Probably would’ve made it far duller.

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me and two friends went to budapest for a few days. that’s the extent of my lads holidays. it was pretty decent but i got locked in my bedroom after a boozy evening and had to piss in the only vessel I could find, the bag in which you put your toiletries in to go through security. they’re not water tight.

there wasn’t anything else??!

My first holiday with friends, I was 19 and we went to Paris for a few days. It was me and 3 other girls and it was very wholesome, lots of walking, lots of churches. I don’t drink and my pals are respectful of this and always understood when I didn’t go for the classic drinking holidays. Did have a phase though where I watched lots of episodes of BBC3 shows on this type of holiday with the same fascination you get with nature documentaries



Never really been part of a group of friends that were into it. Went to Glastonbury and that instead. Did work in a bar in Faro for a month during Euro 2004 though, that was enough to put anyone off for life.

Nah, these things always end up in girls falling out over someone being boy thirsty or some other bullshit, not for me thanks!

Been on a few hen’s. I’m usually the one who brings the dioralyte to stop someone vomming

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Used to go for a long weekend down in Cornwall with a handful of mates every summer, which was quite successful. Then one year it expanded to five or six mates, and we went to France instead, and it was such a nightmare we haven’t done it since. There was talk of the original couple of mates going to Portugal this summer, but, well…

  1. Post A levels trip to Gozo for a week or 2 (one of our groups parents had a house there so was cheap). Mixed group so not particularly toxic and it wasn’t that kind of rowdy destination anyway. We still drank a lot and hitch hiked around the island which was fun

  2. Weekend at Butlins with the “lads” when I was 19 or so. Was fairly shit but mercifully short

Don’t know if this counts but I went on a skiing holiday with about 25 lads n lasses all in our early twenties.

It was not pretty.