Lads, Lasses, and People of All Other Genders/Non-Genders, it's Saturday


What are you up to?

I’m waiting for a haircut, one of life’s worst limbos.

The staff are talking about Kevin and Perry Go Large and I didn’t consent to this.

Have a good day everyone!


Going to Manc for the day to watch bands and eat food.


Good morning Otto!! I wish you all the best with your haircut :scissors: I get mine cut next Wednesday and boy oh boy does it desperately need it. It’s so long and dry, it’s awful.

The last time I went to the hairdressers I had a girl who was maybe 17 washing my hair. She was telling me a story about how her and her friends just could not find the station because all their phones died… and the mcdonalds in Glasgow don’t half plugs to charge their phone like they do in Edinburgh!!! I didn’t quite understand what the problem was… I’m so old.

I’m going to Glasgow today to hang out with an UATD (U = ultimate) she’s put up with me since school. So I’m thinking maybe lunch, tantrum doughnuts, museums, dinner then I might persuade her to come to the gig with me but we’ll see how that goes!

I am excited about every aspect of today, including the train journey over. Yipee! :fireworks: :train: but especially … :doughnut:

Will obviously update you all at every stage!! Byeeeee!!!


morning! Gotta do the weekly shop soon :frowning:


I like how @sarahispi and I basically have the same day ahead but I managed to bore on for a number of paragraphs about it :zzz:

I think I need some real life human interaction. At the cinema last night I could see the guy selling me tickets wanted me to fuck off and stop rabbiting on :rabbit:


had a couple of pain au chocolats with my coffee in bed, top weekending. Dunno what to do with the rest of my day though.


:bicyclist: :beers:


Morning all, managed to get back to sleep again after having initially woken up around 5am (on a Saturday, no thanks). Now considering whether to actually get up.

Amazing work Otto, actually being in a barbers/hairdressers at this time. You’re clearly someone who’ll go far in life.

No big plans today. Picking up the tin lid at midday and then doing whatever she fancies for most of the rest of the day. Should be nice. She’s decided not to go to university this September now. There was a point when I was thinking that our weekend days together were soon to become a thing of the past, and of course they will be one day but her decision means there’s an extension to it all for one for more year.

Have a great day, kids.


I was giving it til 9.30 then I was going to start a thread called “Four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody and the important job of a Saturday thread”


Morning. Got up and had eggs and coffee. Now on my way to a recording sesh. Not much else on but feel like i had plans this weekend that i’m forgetting about. Hmm…


Another productive person.

Is this a solo project, eric, or are you working with other folk?


Kind of both. Ive written an album and have enlisted a drummer and bassist, and halfway thinking about playing live shows but just working on the record mostly for now. Today im just on me tod recording vocals though.


Driving down to Newcastle today to play a ROCK SHOW probably gonna be a bit messy.

In better news my clod seems to be clearing


Sounds exciting. Good work.

Hope the recording goes well.


Damn clod had me bunged up for days


What is ‘tin lid’ all about please?


Got the gym again - boorrring! My usual teacher is off today so I’m going to some other guys class which I’m not too fussed about but will try.

Then I’m going to make banana and chocolate chip loaf then hang out til it’s time to see my bf and go to the Hockney exhibition :heart_eyes:


Kid :slight_smile:

Rhyming slang innit.


Had my theory and passed it

Now flat viewings urgh


I am going to a wedding today. It’s somewhere near Weston-super-Mare ( for @Smee who guessed bristol). Everyone is going to get very drunk :weary: