Lady Ant's Bum

This really is quite remarkable. Poxy country group Lady Antebellum changed their name to escape bad press about connections to slavery and are now taking action against the (black) person who has been using their new name for decades. Just because they trademarked as many contractions of their name as they could (typical corporate wankery) they reckon they should have it.

The article says they’re fine with her still using the name and she wants to £10m from them to use it?

I think both sides are being pricks about it, but I reckon they should have to find another unique name or just stick with the one they had and put up with any negative press about it.

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Remember when that bloke who looked a bit like Our Ant got the Nandos logo tattooed on his bum?

Fucking US legal system…

how well known is she? surely every single possible artist name is taken at this point by someone

I’m performing and recording under the name shrewbie, by the way.


They could have used the suggestion I made in the title of this thread. Unless there’s a nosebleed techno outfit from Moldova using it?

I’m Shrew B

Only until the court rules in my favour.