Lady Bird (the film). No spoilers

Anyone seen it or planning to?

I thought it was brilliant. Bittersweet, funny and heart warming.

Perfect portrayal of relationships between friends and between parents when you’re a (slightly) rebellious teenager.

Saoirse Ronan was great in Brooklyn and better in this.

I knew Greta Gerwig was talented but didn’t think she was this damn good. Best film I’ve seen at a cinema in a year for me easily.

Laurie Metcalf was simply stunning. An amazing Oscar deserving performance.

I hope Gerwig and Metcalf get the Academy awards that they’re nominated in. Brilliant film.

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I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to like it. Thought it was just “ok” I’m afraid.


Loved it mates. A couple of bits that absolutely choked me up, a lot more that made me laugh, her relationship with her mother was excellently done, acting was all brillio



Saoirse Ronan is really good and I’m looking forward to watching this

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I’m seeing it on Saturday. Am stunned by how limited a release it’s got here, only playing in 15 Cineworlds nationwide. Absolutely ludicrous for a Best Picture nominee.


good film. worth a watch. can’t imagine watching it again.

Was fine. Like a more measured version of Juno and other indie schmindy coming of age dramas

Don’t really get the hype. Think it’d be a bit of a farce if it won any major awards given the competition

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I’ve found the apparent big 2 very underwhelming this year. Phantom thread is my favourite of the major nominees but I think I preferred Florida project

What’s the big two?

Get Out and Florida Project miles and miles ahead of everything else I’ve seen. Admittedly not seen Phantom Thread or Shape Of Water though

Shape of water and 3 billboards

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Going to see it tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Agree that the Florida project is my film of the year so far, over 3 billboards and phantom thread

I’m a big Gerwig fan. Loved this film and liked the print and so have it hung on my wall. I was probably in the minority that also really liked Mistress America.

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Same for me; was very very good but I don’t quite get why this coming-of-age story, out of all the good ones out there, is the one that is getting this level of adulation and Oscar buzz. But it’s a stupid issue to have since I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it pretty true and grounded and would recommend it to basically everyone I know.

They have done a limited release so its eligible for the baftas so itl probably expand soon

Yeah i thought it was wonderful. Thought it was lovely to see a film seem so naturally funny and moving and how Lady Bird herself wasnt always the nicest person, but it made her more rounded.

I alao liked how it seemed like you were viewing a snapshot of the family’s life and so there wasnt a huge amount of backstory. For example, dont think its ever mentioned explicitly how they found and adopted Miguel. He was just part of the family so yeah really well made


Yeah, thought it was a wonderful, gentle yet powerful film. Obviously territory that has been covered before but this added a real nuance to the issues addressed. Perfectly made, knew when to ease off the pace, when to throw in a gag, when to hit you with an emotional sucker-punch, and the actors are all more than worthy of the award nominations they’ve received.

It’s made me want to read Howard Zinn again, partly in the hope I look even 5% as cool as Timothee Chalamet whilst doing it.

I liked Mistress America a lot too, especially on rewatch. Hoping to see this Tuesday or Wednesday, and looking forward to doing so.

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Definitely appreciate the handling of Miguel more now after reading these comments. Funny how much you can take things for granted when they’re done that well - it makes them seem obvious and effortless when they’re anything but.

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I love mistress America. What don’t people like about it?


I vaguely recall a few criticisms of it being along the Baumbach lines of “privileged people being arseholes” and saying the farcical comedy didn’t work. I personally thought the latter made the former more palatable (speaking as someone who likes Baumbach’s films generally, but can sometimes understand finding the causticity / pessimism wearing).

Gerwig’s influence has possibly been the best thing to happen to his work; at least judging by how Frances Ha had similar themes to much of the rest of his work, but conveyed them in a totally different way. Hence her directorial debut is something I’ve been looking forward to for a whiiiile