Ladytron - new album

The secretly best synthpop band (yes, Ladytron) just announced a new album - their first since 2011. They will release it independently through PledgeMusic:

No cover, title or track listing yet, but a short sample from a new(?) song, which sounds gorgeous (kinda like a chill Stereolab, Chromatics or Broadcast song).

A few more details:

Ladytron enter another chapter with their first new music in seven years.

Beginning with single ‘The Animals’, the group will be working in the coming months on a full length album to be released later in 2018.

The group have chosen Pledge Music as a way to record a new album with the direct participation of their audience.

By pledging you can be part of this record. Every pledge includes the “Access Pass,” which gives you entrée to exclusive updates running through the release of the record, a digital download of the album when released plus downloads of the band’s new single, “The Animals” and the remix by Vince Clarke as instant gratification tracks in March.

The same Vince Clarke of Erasure, Yazoo, VCMG and Depeche Mode.


Looking forward to this - they’re a top band, haven’t made a bad record, proper haircuts.

Light & Magic > Velocifero > Witching Hour > Gravity the Seducer > 604


Great news - have loved these guys pretty much from day one (even if they have never QUITE nailed it live for me tbh tbf, despite having seen them about 10 times). Will be pledging :+1:

Witching Hour>>>>>>>>Velocifero > Light & Magic > 604 > Gravity The Seducer


That ranking nails it (except maybe a few more >> between Velocifero and L&M)


It’s pretty hard to perform those songs full of studio trickery live. It doesn’t help that they insist using many synths live (this makes it difficult to ballance the sound). During Ladytron’s hiatus their main singer Helen Marnie released 2 excellent synthpop albums and toured a little. She sounded better than ever.

Witching Hour > Velocifero > 604 = Light & Magic > Gravity the Seducer

Glad everyone agrees Velocifero is their second-best album!

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For me it was hard to pick between Velocifero and 604. 604 is such a charming album; I love every track even those underrated instrumentals.

The contrast between the voices of Helen and Mira is awesome.

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New song

(for some reason the previous post doesn’t show up for me)


The Animals is no Destroy Everything You Touch, but it’s still a subtle yet catchy single. I like it more and more after every play. It sounds like a Gravity the Seducer song and if I remember correctly, that album was their most underrated and least liked release.


Here’s a new single: The Island.

And and dark and nice instrumental B-side: Tropic of Capricorn.


Album has been pushed back to January


This is bullshit :rage::rage::rage:

Still excited tbh tbf…

At least it comes out at a quieter time of year now to be honest

The Island got a soul stirring video (God damn, what an ending):

Ladytron is still missing in action from their own music videos.

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I’m not surprised. Their albums were always delayed. e.g. Witching Hour was supposed to be released in 2004, not October 2005. At least I’m sure we will get another great album.

Latest update:

We’re excited to tell you the worldwide release date for our new album is Feb 15.

Pledgers can download the album two weeks before on Feb 1. We’ll ask Pledge to ship the Pledge versions of the CDs and vinyls to arrive as close to Feb 1 as possible.

We love the front cover photo created by Neil Krug, Jeff Frost and our own Reuben Wu. Let us know what you think….

You’ll receive Updates later this week revealing the deluxe vinyl and CD album packages.

Here’s the press release that will go out today:

New York, NY, October 10 — On February 15, electronic pop quartet Ladytron release their eponymous sixth album on Ladytron Music via !K7. Ladytron follows the release of two enthusiastically received singles, “The Island” and “The Animals”, which ended the band’s seven-year hiatus. Distilling twenty years of experimentation into one propulsive album, Ladytron again push the boundaries of electronic pop in invigorating directions with thirteen songs that explore the disquiet of our times. Loaded with their trademark analogue synths propelled by relentless rhythm, Ladytron is a hypercharged album that radiates a visceral urgency.

Their self-titled sixth album is the band’s most definitive work to date, full of catchy hooks, rousing riffs, sweeping melodies, and thick textured harmonies. Helen Marnie says, “For us, it’s like getting together with an old friend. You’ve both changed, but still have that common ground. Familiarity crossed with excitement.” “It’s diverse and emotional,” Daniel Hunt adds. “It’s a lot heavier than “Gravity,” which was an intentionally more sedate, ethereal record. The atmospheres are there, but there’s more urgency underneath.” The album also features guest Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Mixhell/Soulwax) on drums.

“Ladytron” Track Listing:

  1. Until The Fire
  2. The Island
  3. Tower of Glass
  4. Far From Home
  5. Paper Highways
  6. The Animals
  7. Run
  8. Deadzone
  9. Figurine
  10. You’ve Changed
  11. Horrorscope
  12. The Mountain
  13. Tomorrow Is Another Day


Can’t wait!