Ladytron - new album


Looks shit :-1:



Not into that cover at all.



Has it leaked yet?


Looks shit :-1:
You monster.


Who will attend one the forthcoming Ladytron UK shows (Glasgow, Liverpool, London)?


I’m working :confused:

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • None

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Also liking the artwork, looks like a Horse piece


Sadly, voted none. I wish I lived in the UK.


Yup, London :+1: Excited for Stealing Sheep as support too :+1::+1:


I recommend you to not miss the first opening band, HAARM. They’re good.


Absolutely. Much prefer it to that album cover.


Track 4 off the album - Far from home - has just been posted on their Pledgemusic site - bit more by the numbers but still good :slight_smile:



It’s good but it sounds more like an album track than single. It never takes off.