Ladytron - new album

My kind of curfew for a Monday night/when I have a babysitter…

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Tempted by the London show, but £30 is quite steep. Are they worth it live?

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I’m not loving the new album as much as their previous stuff. They’ve always been an excellent live act but yes £30 is steep but with Stealing Sheep on the bill it lessens the blow.

Yeah, Stealing Sheep supported Ladytron last time I saw them at The Roundhouse and it was two great bands for the price of one.

Also, I like the new album :+1:

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I’ve been listening to their new one on repeat since yesterday to familiarise myself with it before Monday.

Yep. You’re right. It’s far better than I first thought it was. Good album.

I found Gravity The Seducer a bit cold and repetitive but the latest one has got loads of good tracks. Saw them at The Roundhouse shortly before it came out and the tracks I knew sounded great - looking forward to being more familiar with them this time out.

Also, always enjoy going to gigs at Heaven as it makes me feel almost like I’m going clubbing only with a sensible bedtime :+1:

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I’m always amazed at just how loud Heaven is, but that may just be the gigs I go to there.

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I remember going to see the Loop/Godflesh double header there a few years back - it weren’t quiet tbh tbf…

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I was at that too, sweet Jesus it was loud :scream:

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Looking at those stage times. Stealing Sheep will be on for all of 25 minutes. A bit short.

Oops. I completely glanced at the wrong lines on those stage times. Ignore my post.


New album out in Jan! :slight_smile:


Almost eight years between albums, now just four, they’ll be Ty Segall before you know it!



I am excite…



Ladytron, the electropop/new wave band confirm new live dates for March 2023,

Glasgow SWG3 Warehouse, 10 March
Liverpool Camp & Furnace, 11
London KOKO, 12

Tickets on sale Tuesday (18 October) at 10am from Gigantic Ticketmaster Ticketweb See Tickets

Cut and pasted from the internet. (Obviously the bit above)

Ladytron playing gigs = hooray!!!
Ladytron playing The Koko = ffs, the fucking Koko.

More edits. Ladytron playing The Koko is one thing. Ladytron playing there on a Sunday?! Double ffs.

The new album is really… bland?
Is it just me?


Yes … maybe… I think I might agree. I started off really liking it but I think it might be more competent than transcendent. There’s only one track that’s really sticking with me: Misery Remember Me, which has a nice Cocteaus sort of feel to it. If there were more like that, or some bangers, or if the promising BoC-esque blips and bloops intro to Sargasso Sea had panned out to something more, then I might love this album. As it is, I just like it.

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Definitely not just you. I had to fire on The Witching Hour straight after it to remind me they are capable of absolute bangers


Unfortunately feeling the same. One of those cases where the singles sounded promising but there’s nothing that really builds on them.

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