Laelfy’s Big Aventure (Rolling Travel Advice)


Hello all, I’m preparing for a mid-life 4-month ‘gap year’ and I have about a million questions to ask. DiS knows everything, so I figured I’d ask you lot.

Feel free to use this thread to ask your own travel related questions.


Wear your bike helmet as you board


First question: what are your absolute must dos in New York?

Second question: friend was telling me I’ll need to take a small umbrella for Thailand etc as it’ll be too hot to wear a mac when it rains? Is that necessary?


Very helpful first piece of advice, thank-you.


pretty sure you can buy an umbrella if you need one, and a mac/waterproof will be more useful in general.

Things I’ve enjoyed doing in New York

  • Staten Island ferry
  • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • High Line walking thing
  • Rockafeller center for amazing views
  • Central Park
  • Eating and drinking


That was going to be a question for everyone - what’s the best tall place in New York for views?


Top of the Rock was probably my favourite thing. The views are great.
I got this pass and did that, boat tour and the met.

(also when will you be in New York? Cause I may be going back there over summer)


RE: Thailand.

Depends if you’re there in the rainy season. Rain tends to be short but intense. IME it’s better to just take cover for 30 mins than trying to huddle under a rubbish umbrella.



Same with Malaysia. When it rained, it was warm and only a short burst. I wouldn’t bother with a brolly and even if you get wet, you can dry off insanely quickly but just take cover.

But make sure you have a waterproof cover for your big bag cause you don’t want that getting wet n sogs.


I’ve got two questions:

  1. I’m going to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Anything in particular to see or do? I’m a big Wire fan but not really going to start trying to spot things from there. I’ll only have a few hours free I think and quite like hiring a boris bike for an early morning jetlagged explore.

  2. I’m going to Vancouver a few weeks after that. I have two fullish days to be a tourist. Anything essential to do? I’d like to spend one of those days potentially doing an Orca watching tour


Thanks I had seen those discount things before, will take a better look.

Dates look like 6-12th August at the moment.


Also, tell us where else you’re going! Exciting news!


Yeah I can’t be arsed taking one to be honest but she was insistent.


oohh…I could be there then. I’ll let you know nearer the time but my boss wants me back over there in summer and last time I went about august.
BTW, its UNBEARABLE levels of heat in August. I was melting. Where will you be staying? I was in Williamsburg which was great cause theres a public pool to cool off in or you can pay over the odds for a day pass to a hotel pool.


Rockafeller gives you a view of the Empire state, along with a better view of Central Park, which IMO makes it a better option but it’s a less iconic building to actually go up.


Has anyone ever been to Cape Cod? Or over that way on the coast?

  • Tie Greenwich Market into the High Line
  • Go to a ballgame if it’s NBL season (obviously can do this anywhere in America).
  • Head to the Nintendo NY store.
  • MOMA


Lamonte Young’s Dream House

Natural History Museum

Taking a selfie at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street.

Other stuff that everyone’s already said.


Don’t go around witnessing shit


This was me in Jan.
It was DEAD up there. I imagine august will be a bit busier but still, the views are just fantastic!

You can go up at night too which I’d like to do when I go back (in 4 weeks today waahhoo)