Laelfy’s Big Aventure (Rolling Travel Advice)

Hello all, I’m preparing for a mid-life 4-month ‘gap year’ and I have about a million questions to ask. DiS knows everything, so I figured I’d ask you lot.

Feel free to use this thread to ask your own travel related questions.

Wear your bike helmet as you board


First question: what are your absolute must dos in New York?

Second question: friend was telling me I’ll need to take a small umbrella for Thailand etc as it’ll be too hot to wear a mac when it rains? Is that necessary?

Very helpful first piece of advice, thank-you.

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pretty sure you can buy an umbrella if you need one, and a mac/waterproof will be more useful in general.

Things I’ve enjoyed doing in New York

  • Staten Island ferry
  • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • High Line walking thing
  • Rockafeller center for amazing views
  • Central Park
  • Eating and drinking
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That was going to be a question for everyone - what’s the best tall place in New York for views?

Top of the Rock was probably my favourite thing. The views are great.
I got this pass and did that, boat tour and the met.

(also when will you be in New York? Cause I may be going back there over summer)

RE: Thailand.

Depends if you’re there in the rainy season. Rain tends to be short but intense. IME it’s better to just take cover for 30 mins than trying to huddle under a rubbish umbrella.



Same with Malaysia. When it rained, it was warm and only a short burst. I wouldn’t bother with a brolly and even if you get wet, you can dry off insanely quickly but just take cover.

But make sure you have a waterproof cover for your big bag cause you don’t want that getting wet n sogs.


I’ve got two questions:

  1. I’m going to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Anything in particular to see or do? I’m a big Wire fan but not really going to start trying to spot things from there. I’ll only have a few hours free I think and quite like hiring a boris bike for an early morning jetlagged explore.

  2. I’m going to Vancouver a few weeks after that. I have two fullish days to be a tourist. Anything essential to do? I’d like to spend one of those days potentially doing an Orca watching tour

Thanks I had seen those discount things before, will take a better look.

Dates look like 6-12th August at the moment.

Also, tell us where else you’re going! Exciting news!

Yeah I can’t be arsed taking one to be honest but she was insistent.

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oohh…I could be there then. I’ll let you know nearer the time but my boss wants me back over there in summer and last time I went about august.
BTW, its UNBEARABLE levels of heat in August. I was melting. Where will you be staying? I was in Williamsburg which was great cause theres a public pool to cool off in or you can pay over the odds for a day pass to a hotel pool.

Rockafeller gives you a view of the Empire state, along with a better view of Central Park, which IMO makes it a better option but it’s a less iconic building to actually go up.


Has anyone ever been to Cape Cod? Or over that way on the coast?

  • Tie Greenwich Market into the High Line
  • Go to a ballgame if it’s NBL season (obviously can do this anywhere in America).
  • Head to the Nintendo NY store.
  • MOMA
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Lamonte Young’s Dream House

Natural History Museum

Taking a selfie at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street.

Other stuff that everyone’s already said.

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Don’t go around witnessing shit


This was me in Jan.
It was DEAD up there. I imagine august will be a bit busier but still, the views are just fantastic!

You can go up at night too which I’d like to do when I go back (in 4 weeks today waahhoo)