Laelfy’s canteen lunch thread


This thread is dedicated to @Ruffers who I know just LOVES my canteen chat.

Really had a hankering for fish and chips today but the batter didn’t look up to scratch so I’ve gone for a ‘dirty rice burrito’

It’s pretty grim. Show us what you’re having lads.


State of that guac m9


I know there’s not enough



Why does your burrito have a mouth?


Can I ask a quick question, are you going to use your hands to eat it? I wouldn’t know what to do.




Nah knife and fork. Don’t even eat proper burritos with my hands.


@ericV rn


Also I wasn’t here yesterday so don’t know what was on the menu but I’m certain whatever it was is now in my ‘burrito’


Bagel at home

Ham, cheese, a pickle , mayo and baby spinach. Bagel lightly toasted


Ooft! Yes tim!


respecting your apparent efforts to not move from that spot unless absolutely necessary all day


Going for pub lunch so dunno yet until I see the menu innit.


I got up to make the Bagel!


it’s delicious


You mean you haven’t looked up the menu in advance to see what you might have?! :open_mouth:


Ordinarily yes but the menu changes a lot at this place so didn’t want to get my hopes up. So help me if they’ve taken the dressed crab off as a starter.


can this non gif version be used more often please.