Laelfy’s Last Lunch

Been nice sharing this with you


What’s that white stuff…?

Tartar sauce of course

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It’s a pl8, m8.


big salad
free costa

How will we know it’s friday without these fish and chips pictures?!?
Got some sweet chilli sausages in the oven, going to fry up some mushrooms and peppers in garlic butter and paprika to go with it, and some toast and a fried egg I think.


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Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, pals.

Do you want some fish and chips with your mushy peas!!!11one1!!1


I’ve never seen someone fully take the piss with mushy peas before. Congrats.

Someone will have to take over from me

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How so?

Sheer volume! Top last daying there.

Just the right amount actually. Ratios were perfect.

I wanted to tell them so I might get some freebies but didn’t have the guts


This thread has already made me feel starving. The lunch options at soft play are not promising…

Roasted vegetable quiche with a side of couscous and Greek salad.

And an extra helping of aggro from the fudge lady, who got very upset about the queue snaking in front of her neighbouring stall and depriving her from customers.

3x Krisprolls
Bit of mozzarella, some chorizo and some serrano ham
2x veg samosa

too many peas, too much white sauce, dunno where the fish is under that batter.

an absolutely solid innings, and she’s hit it for 6 to end the day’s play. top work :smiley:

It was one of the most enjoyable to be honest. Would’ve been totally gutted if it was a crap one on my last day.