Laelfy’s Lunch Thread


Bit unhappy with the amount of tartar sauce given but I’ll get over it. What about you huns?


Here she is! I hate to @profk you but the mushy peas look a bit thin?

Another christmas chutney and cheddar sanga
Gluten free salted cazza millionaire bar


Nah they’re perfectly fine. The fish is the weak link today.


Apple, banana and peppermint tea.

Partook in some bacon and beans at breakfast, so getting fish and chips on top of that would be monstrous.


S’up with it chief? Batter looks a bit grey?


Pretty sure the whole thing has come straight out the freezer. We had a lovely spell of about 2 month where the chef was excellent and we’d get lovely fluffy crunchy batter, but alas no more.




i wish i wish i hadn’t eaten that fsh


Sandwich I reckon


Well yes as a vegetarian I can imagine why


are you one of those vegetarians that eats meat and fish?


Yes I’m one of those vegetarians that eats meat and fish.


i’m not sure i like where this conversation is going. how about you ask what i’m having for lunch?


What are you having for lunch Eric?


dunno yet :thinking: gonna wander up the high street and see if there’s anywhere with no queue out the door


had some fried chicken with sweet potato fries and kimchi and assorted pickles. bit odd but i’ll take it. also a big yogurt.


Trying to eat a bit later than usual so I’m not starving when I get to Mestizo. Flagging though, well hungry.


i was looking forward to seeing your fish and chips but that’s a bit grim

sorry pal


do what I did and get a massive lunch instead


That looks like you work where I used to work.