just said something about DiS after playing My Name is Jonas.

Thought you might like to know.


Will he read this?


I guess so. Maosm is one of his I think.


Listening to your own choice of music > Blue album > listening to most Radio 6 presenters > Maladroit >>>>>>>>> listening to Lamacq > Raditude


Presumably in response to this


I’m going to say… no.


Can’t hear him talk about music without involuntarily thinking of the smell you get at a gig standing next to a late middle aged man wearing a leather jacket that they’ve clearly owned for years and doesn’t really fit any more but you know it’s their gigging jacket and you desperately avoid making eye contact with because you know they’re looking for an excuse to talk about the time they saw My Bloody Valentine at a tiny venue before they broke through


Which DiSer do you think this description best fits?


what a TUNE!


Bet epimer’s not listening to S Express


Literally the entire music board.


I beat Steve Lamacq in a quiz on the Evening Session once, won a signed limited edition Kid A which I have since lost. Great times.


I remember seeing Steve Lamacq introduce a band at a gig. He was all excited but they just turned out to be a dreary proper-lads-proper-haircuts type outfit. Best bit though was that Lamacq went straight to the front and spent the gig doing this weird moving-side-to-side-like-a-crab dance. I might also be imaging it but I seem to remember him doing a double thumbs up whilst dancing


I saw him introduce Idles at the Great Escape a couple of years ago, before they were big, so swings and roundabouts, eh?


That band? Les Rallizes Dénudés


best lamacq moment was when he introduced the cribs or someone like that and the crowd were chanting his name


I text in Radio 6 about 10 years ago and Lammo played my request for Karamacoma by Massive Attack, it was on the radio in the 6th form common room and I remember thinking everybody would think I was an absolute legend. In hindsight I probably looked like a right twat.

Oh yeah and Lammo made my name sound weird and nasaly when he read it out.


Bumped into him in that rancid pub next to Koko before a Band of Horses gig yonks ago. Was offered ‘drugs and women’ by someone in that pub during the same visit. Can neither confirm nor deny whether that was Lamacq.


Saw him once at a Wannadies gig.

Now I’m going to listen to the Wannadies.


enjoying imagining Steve Lamacq saying “konichiwa bitches”